Maynard: I’d Drop Down To 145 To Face Edgar Again

Maynard: I’d Drop Down To 145 To Face Edgar Again


This weekend Gray Maynard has his main event trilogy against Nate Diaz, at UFC: The Ultimate Fighter Finale 18 in the Mandalay Bay Events Centre, Las Vegas, Nevada. Diaz and Maynard have one win a piece. Diaz submitted Maynard in TUF fives semifinals and Maynard won a split decision in their rematch at Fight Night 20.

‘The Bully’ is only a few days away from the Diaz fight and he already has his sights set on who he wants next. Speaking to USA TODAY Sports and Maynard revealed what he has planned for the future.

“I’ve got to take care of Nate Diaz, but the goal is obviously to get the T.J. Grant bout again, the Frankie Edgar bout, and then get the lightweight belt,” Maynard said. “Even if I have to drop down a division to face Edgar.”

Maynard also said that he expected the fight with Diaz to happen at some point and he thinks the UFC were just waiting for the perfect opportunity to again match the two together.

“I think the UFC was planning on that for a long time, and they just had to make it where our careers are going at the same stage. You want to go out 2-1. That’s the biggest thing, ending strong.”

Waking around at roughly 200lbs, Maynard is without doubt one of the biggest lightweights in the UFC. If Donald Cerrone is struggling to make 145lbs then I’m pretty sure Maynard would find it rather difficult. However ‘The Bully’ insists he’d do what it take’s to get one more shot at Edgar.

“I sure as hell would try. I wouldn’t be there for good, but I would be there for that fight. It just goes back to that in my mind, it’s all even. I don’t want it to end like that. He got the last one, but I don’t want it to end like that. If he beats me two out of three times, then alright. But we’ll see. I’ve got to get through Nate and then keep going.”

Maynard vs. Edgar 2 & 3 were two of the greatest fights off all time in my opinion and easily the greatest title fights in the UFC …. Sorry Jones/ Gustaffson. I’d love to see a fourth encounter with the two, I just hope if it happens it’s at the right time. If Maynard gets past Diaz then Grant, there would be no logical sense in him fighting Edgar.

If Maynard won’t stick at featherweight if he fights Edgar, would there really be any point in making the fight? Would Edgar want to go down that line again? Let’s face it they may be 1-1-1 but there’s no doubt Edgar cemented his place as the better fighter, knocking Maynard out cold after having fought 12 and a half rounds in total with ‘The Bully’.

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