Jason Mayhem Miller was once again in the headlines this week, and this time the scuffle with Uriah Hall was the story. Miller was seen to shout racial slurs at Hall, before getting in his face and taking a shot from Hall for his troubles.

The incident raised obvious concerns for Miller’s mental state, but also there is the chance that he could just be a total racist psychopath. Miller has taken to his Twitter in the time since, to dispel the mass opinion that he is a red neck, pillow case wearing type of guy:

As much as having a scuffle in a bar, or even just exchanging words is not an infrequent occurrence; some of the things that Miller said were wrong. Whether you agree that he is a racist or not, he shouldn’t have said what he said in the company that was present.

Hall, in my opinion, was well within his rights to be angry. Maybe he should have thought twice about throwing a punch, but he was offended by a drunken jackass and these things happen. It appears there will be no backlash from his boss Dana White over the scrap, as White pointed out over Twitter:

White siding with the former favorite of TUF 17 there, and this situation has ironically landed Hall back in (kinda) White’s good books. A convincing win at UFC 168 against Chris Leben might see Hall begin to fulfil his potential.

After disappointing performances against John Howard and Kelvin Gastelum, followed by the bizarre incident with Mayhem; it has certainly been a surreal year for Hall. Facing a do-or-die scrap against Zombie Slugger Leben in December, U Hall could easily turn it in to the best year of his life.