Mauricio Rua Will Use TRT If His ‘Team’ Wants Him To

Mauricio Rua Will Use TRT If His ‘Team’ Wants Him To


Former UFC light-heavyweight champion Mauricio “Shogun” Rua got back in the win column in December, knocking out James Te Huna for the first time in his career. The win was much needed for Rua who was coming into the fight after suffering two consecutive losses.

Before his last fight many thought “Shogun’s” career was done and some even called for his retirement, but Rua silenced his critics with his win over Te Huna. Many veterans of the sport who have been in a similar situation to Rua have opted to having testosterone replacement therapy, to try and reinvigorate their career.

In a recent interview with “Shogun” said he doesn’t think about using TRT, as it is something for his team to decide and not Rua himself:

“I’m fine. I don’t think about doing TRT, but this is something to my team decide. If my team come to understand that it’s interesting to use, I will do it. But, for now, I’m not thinking about using.”

That seems like quite a strange issue to leave in the hands of your team, you would assume it would be something which the fighter and his doctor would determine. But even stranger was Rua’s next statement, were he then goes on to say that he thinks TRT is unfair and shouldn’t be legal.

“To be honest, I don’t think TRT should be a legalized thing. A fighter can get a licence to use it and he does. I think this is wrong. Why are there some people allowed and others not? I think it ends being something wrong or at least unfair.”

For now Rua will continue his career TRT free and concentrate on his upcoming rematch with Dan Henderson at UFC Fight Night 38. Henderson is a known user of TRT and will most likely have a therapeutic use exemption (TUE) for the fight.

What do you make of Rua’s recent comments regarding the controversial treatment?

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  • NateDogg

    I don't blame him tbh. Either let everybody do it or ban it. It is that simple.

  • mmauk

    I love his comments on this, they are contradictory but it actually reflects how ridiculous this situation is. Everyone knows TRT should be harder to get permission for or illegal, but as long as it's legal some fighters will take advantage. The sooner the Athletic Commissions stop pussy footy around the better, this isn't good for MMA.

  • enjoylife321

    I bet if Shogun got offered another shot at bones, his team would be trying to jab him in the ass.

    • Entity

      You were referring to needles right? lol

  • soiWANNABEafighter

    Now that I've been on TRT for more than a month: Jesus Christ people – everyone should try it!! In the cage I became an animal! Not to mention my bedroom performances!

    • movescamp

      That's ridiculous bro I hope you are joking. Do you plan on taking it your whole life? Cause I took it for an injury on minor level and it was terrible coming off it. Not to mention a laundry list of very bad fatal side effects for prolonged use. Hopefully you are going through a doctor so they can monitor how it is effecting your body.

      • soiWANNABEafighter

        of course I am joking – if I would take any additional testosterone: Beside constant headaches, hair loss, and of course changes in my menstrual periods, I think I would just feel not that well in general!

        • movescamp

          Thank god. I enjoyed your comments. I didn't think you were that guy.

  • D

    If Shogun want's to gain a competitive advantage, maybe he should try hiring a strength and conditioning coach and actually getting in shape for the first time in his career, before resorting to taking testosterone.

    • OperationCWAL

      yes, someone did make a article about this i think a while back. GSP's TRT is his money, cuz he can hire lots of high levle guys to train with him. Does shogun have this kinda money?

  • akieyugames

    Noooooooooo don't give in to the dark side little skywalker.

  • big dunfey

    People jump on bitching about try so quick. Most of the time its experienced fighters that have accumulated a lot of damage throughout time in the cage. I their levels are equal to a normal man stop bitching.

    • D

      It sounds like you're saying that damage taken in a fight lowers your testosterone levels… Is there any evidence to back that up? Because I've never heard that before.

      If anything, an elite athlete who has worked out their entire life should have higher testosterone levels than average.

  • big dunfey

    Trt *