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Matt Mitrione and Roy Nelson Pre-Fight Interviews


Just hours before they step inside the cage at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, main event fighters Matt Mitrione and Roy Nelson shared thoughts about their encounter. Both fighters are expecting a toe-to-toe bout; Matt Mitrione declared he doesn’t if it’s submission or a knockout, while Roy Nelson promised “a show” for the fans.

Big Country was originally scheduled to face the fellow TUF 16 coach Shane Carwin, but “The Engineer” had to pull out of the fight due to injury.

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  • I hope Mitrione wins.

    Also, in a perfect world Nelson would get into legitimate shape and fight @ 205. Something he could easily do, if he set his mind to it.

    • mmathruth

      you suck! how could you not cheer for COUNTRY

      • Sorry, man. And having just finished watching the fight…really sorry, man. Wow, saw that coming. The moment he started trading with Roy and Roy was still standing there, I thought, this won't be good. Roy is too tough to just stand there and trade. He's apt to get the best of it.

        Oh well, can't always be right. Thought Matt would win. I was very wrong. That's a tough loss for Mitrione. One has to wonder where he goes from here. His development curve seems to have flattened out.

        One another note, though, my boy Pat had a hell of a KO win, tonight. Way to go PB.

        • mma truth

          funny thing is……..your never right

          gsp CHOSE to fight diaz, who has his licensed suspended ( for testing positive for banned substances) Diaz cant even fight, funny.

          instead of proving he is a "dominant" ufc champ, he CHOSE to not fight silva (who was in the crowd at his latest fight and lobbied for the fight)

          • @ onemoreround

            I think your shift at work was too long. You seem overly tired. I can tell by your meaningless (Brad Pitt in 12 Monkeys, like) ramblings about GSP.

            Now, I'm going to go watch re-plays of Anderson fighting Chris Leben and a one-legged Pat Cote. And if I have enough time, I'm also going to sit down, crack a cold beer and re-watch Silva / Laites and Silva / Maia. I love falling to sleep on the couch to those fights on a Sunday afternoon.

            Question – when is Anderson going to fight in his own division, again? I've heard that he wants a piece of either Tim Credeur or Nick Ring. What epic fights those would be.

            Anderson Silva – G.O.A.T. – Going Out Avoiding Talent.