Matt Brown has earned himself at top-level fight with Carlos Condit at UFC on Fox 9, by tearing through the UFC Welterweight division in 2012/13. ‘The Immortal’ holds wins over Chris Cope, Stephen Thompson, Luis Ramos, Mike Swick, Jordan Mein and Mike Pyle in his current streak; with only Thompson making it to the judges decision.

In the wake of his most recent win during Boston’s stacked Fight Night event, Brown was talked about in relation to a title shot. In Condit he faces a very dangerous former interim champ, and a win would likely score him the shot at the crown. Browne stopped by to talk with regarding his journey in MMA:

“If I’m not hurt and I have the ability to fight, then I want to be in there fighting. I don’t see the point in sitting around. I’m not getting any younger. I keep working hard and keep testing myself. I am in this sport to fight. I take a week or two off after every fight. That’s three vacations a year. That’s more than 99 percent of other jobs out there.”

On Carlos Condit: “I think we’re really similar. We’re similar in a lot of different ways. The only difference is that he has fought higher-level guys and succeeded where I haven’t. To me this is a big step up in my career and a chance for me to get into the upper echelon.”

Brown’s record stands at 18-11, with most of his losses coming to the middle to upper tier fighters on his resume. At the end of 2011 Brown was 1-4 in his last five, before he saved his contract by TKO’ing Chris Cope at UFC 143. ‘The Immortal’ has truly turned his career around, but a loss to ‘NBK’ might prove that Brown could be doomed to remain a tough gatekeeper.

“Yeah, I see him as a guy across the cage from me who wants to fight. It’s irrelevant to me if other people think I’m going to lose the fight. Obviously I think I’m going to win, so what does it matter what other people think?”

“He’s at number two and a win over him should put me at number two. A seven-fight win streak and beating the number two contender — I don’t know what else I’d have to do, really.”

Brown also gave his two cents on the GSP vs. Hendricks UFC 167 scorecards:

“I watched it, but I didn’t actually score it. I don’t know who should have won on the judges’ scorecards, but at the end of the fight I had the feeling that Hendricks won that fight. Whether he won the points, I don’t know. He won the fight.”

Brown is a thoroughly entertaining fighter, as we saw during his scrap against Jordan Mein, and I look forward to seeing him face one of my favorites; Carlos Condit. If I were a gambling man, I’d bet that they earn FOTN honors when they collide on December 14th.