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Matt Brown says Georges St-Pierre can’t strike with him


Another day, another fighter who’s certain he can wrest the belt from GSP’s iron grip. Matt ‘The Immortal’ Brown, last seen knocking out Mike Swick in impressive fashion, recently learned that his fight with British striker Dan Hardy was off. He quickly found a new opponent in young and up-and-coming prospect Jordan Mein, who destroyed Dan Miller at last weekend’s UFC 158.

Brown plans to run through Mein on his way to a title shot at 170, which is quickly becoming the holy grail of sorts for the UFC. If and when he gets there, Brown seems supremely confident that he can derail GSP’s long reign as king. Brown is not scared of GSP’s vaunted wrestling, a skill that St-Pierre has used to completely neutralize the gameplans of many a top welterweight. He shared his feelings with Alchemist Radio this week:

“Same old GSP, he does the same thing to everybody. They all know what he is going to do, but they still can’t stop it. I think I can do what he does better and totally stifle his game. I know that sounds kind of crazy especially considering most of my losses have been by submission and I’m not a big credentialed wrestler. I understand that people will laugh when I say that, but it doesn’t bother me, I train with higher level wrestlers than he trains with. I’m honest with myself and I know where I’m at and I know what I can accomplish. I know that I can get there and I can beat him.”

Big words from Brown, who is not particularly known for trash talk. He makes a definite bold claim by stating he will use the ground-and-pound game to better effect than GSP. But he truly believes in his skills, and that his striking is superior to St-Pierre’s:

“For me it’s not just about confidence, I truly know it. I can tell you right now, GSP can’t strike with me. When it comes down to it, he’s going to take you down, maybe punch you a couple of times and keep you down there. When guys like Matt Hughes or Josh Koscheck weren’t able to stop that, then Matt Brown comes along and says he’s going to stop his takedowns, it sounds kind of crazy. It’s just a matter of me performing at the best of my abilities. If I do that I’ll end up beating him.”

Business as usual for the UFC Welterweight Division, with fighter after fighter calling out Georges St-Pierre. However, no one has been able to back up any of the talk and truly mix up the top of the division. We will see if Johny Hendricks can do just that, most likely in the late summer or early fall. But for now, fighters who are very far away from getting into the cage with GSP are calling him out left and right. First Ben Askren, and now Brown. Is there any validity to their highly ambitious statements?


  • Is Mike Brown forgetting that Koscheck actually neutralized GSP's wrestling the last time they fought but Kos had no answer for Georges jab. GSP is just too well rounded, the only he will ever loose is if you can knock him out and Condit came close because he's well rounded. Mike Brown was right about one thing though, I did have laugh a little reading this.

    • It's Matt Brown pal for starters. The fact that you've managed to get his name wrong implies you don't know an awful lot about this guy. Let me tell you, he's a savage. Do I think he could potentially neutralize GSP's wrestling? Who knows. I do believe he'd put up a fight. He has vicious stand up and can pull of submissions to. No harm in creating a bit of hype for yourself!

      • I've actually watched plenty of his fights, not any recent one's tbh because I know longer can be bothered to watch every single fight on a UFC card like I used to when I first started watching mma. I am smart enough to know fighters like him don't change much, from what I remember he's very aggressive going forward has a strong chin but is also easy to hit too. I don't remember him being well rounded at all and I don't see anyone who isn't ever beating GSP.

        • @ MMAUK

          Actually, his last few fights have been pretty exciting to watch and if you haven't seen him in a few years, he's improved. Has he improved enough to be talking crap about GSP? No and he's beaten absolutely no one whose ranked, but heck….I guess we can't blame a 32 year old for still having a dream.

          Sad part for Brown…he's on a 4 fight win streak, with the potential 5th win coming up (against Mein) and still, the guy hasn't fought a ranked fighter. That's a lot of wins / fights in a row, to not get a ranked opponent. On that issue, I believe Brown has been slighted. I believe he's done enough to earn a ranked fight.

      • Matt Brown won a tough decision vs. Stephen Thompson who was 6-0 & only in his 2nd UFC fight EVER, and eh thinks he can beat GSP & do what noone else has. Okay Matt, why don't you actually start beating some top 10 & then top 5 opponents, then you can start talking ****. Diaz was suppose to have the best boxing in all off MMA (apparently), and GSP just out struck him. Even when GSP has a fever & a "torn" achilles he can still dominate one of the top 5 WW's in the world.

        Okay, I had to check Browns record and he has ZERO … 0 wins vs. any top 10 WW's. It's okay to have confidence, but STFU dude until you beat some legit world class WW's. Not winning a decision vs. a "noob" 6-0 & you being his 2nd UFC fight ever. Another *** clown who thinks he's "amazing" b/c he won 4 straight vs. no names. CLAP CLAP CLAP Matt Brown, CLAP CLAP CLAP!!! He was right, that was a good laugh! And so is his record & list of opponents!

      • Matt better not over look Mein..this kid is 23, has fought Miller, Zaromskis,,Woodley (split decision)and Rory Macdonald. The experience he has at his age is unbelievable.
        If I was Matt I would be training hard, not asking for title shots.

  • and everybody wants some from the big ppv-cake!

  • I thought fighters weren't allowed to do drugs.

  • This is uncharacteristic of Brown to be calling out the champion and criticising his game plan…

    GSP deserves the credit and some people are treating GSp liike some sort of cheat mongrel that kicks his opponents in the nuts to finish fights whenever he gets a takedown. GSP is beating guys at MMA. Many of these guys come into the fight thinking they are better wrestlers, better boxers or whatever than GSP. And when it doesn't work out he gets criticised for take downs.

    Noone in the MMA communitbcan complain about GSP. You know his gameplan so figure it out or STFU.

    Personally I think Brown is outclassed in the wrestling department at least when it comes to GSP. But he still sits in the top ten IMO.

  • @ Enjoy

    After having worked my way through that linguistically challenged, diatribe and having decoded the message…and I agree. 100%.

    I wish I could say, well put. 🙁

    • @Truth…..

      I'm from Brazil….I'm still trying to work out how to use this computer

  • For the record and the thread…I'd just like to say….I'd just like to say….

    I would hit on all of the women in the…."Access Public Arrest Records" banner, at the top of this post.

    And…what gives with that short fat guy, in the 3 spot? F##K, he's more neck, than chin!

    • @Truth….r u going to be able to handle a houseful of female athletes in TUF appearing on your 50 inch LCD screen ?

      We may have to put you in quarantine until the show is over for your own safety.

      • @ Enjoy

        Not only can I handle it, I've been calling for it for some time, now. I think the show will be eminently more entertaining and will give the male audience something to look at. I'm down with it.

  • Nim

    I think the only dangerous strikers to GSP are the ones who have one punch KO power as the he does absorb a few clean strikes but rarely flurries and combos…

    Hendricks and The Juggernaught both offer higher risks in that respect IMO. Brown would need to land more shots meaning out boxing and out timing GSP… I dont see it.