Matt Brown Is A Scratch For UFC on FOX 9

Matt Brown Is A Scratch For UFC on FOX 9


Matt Brown will not be making it to UFC on FOX 9.

The bad news was delivered today by Brown himself, via his Twitter account.

According to “The Immortal”, he has two herniated discs in his lower back and as such, will be a scratch for next Saturday’s card and fight, with welterweight contender Carlos Condit.

This comes as grievous news to all UFC fans, and particularly fans of the pair, as their match was highly anticipated and was to have significant impact upon the 170 pound division, and more particularly, the title mix.

With Brown out, rumors are swirling that Condit is to be moved to the UFC 170 card, which is set for February 22nd, in Las Vegas. As it stands, 170 will feature Rashad Evans taking on Daniel Cormier, in Cormier’s debut performance at light-heavyweight, as well as a match between Rory MacDonald and Demian Maia.

As to who Condit might draw as an opponent, odds would have to be good that it’ll be Robbie Lawler. If so, Lawler would be a suitable replacement for the injured Brown and a match between the two would carry great significance within the division. In a nutshell, Condit / Lawler should be as good as Condit / Brown, and with much the same divisional rankings.

In terms of Matt and his back, his fans are sure to wish him a speedy recovery and all the best to himself and his family. His fans look forward to seeing the Immortal back in the Octagon, soon.

Matt’s Tweet is as follows:

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  • hatch1921

    Man… well… hope he has a fast recovery. Back injuries are horrible… at least it wasn't a knee.

    Lawler would be a great replacement… just coming off a strong performance… no real damage.. in shape …and he would take it to Condit.

    • MagicMMA

      ****! I was so looking forward to this fight! I hope they find a replacement and keep Condit on the card

  • TheXperience

    Awww mannnnn!! that s*cks!!! I was sooooo looking forward to that scrap!

    • Brian Cox

      I think everyone was looking forward to that fight, man. It really does ****. I have to ask myself why fighters would be doing anything that could lay them up, this close to a fight.

      A week out, they should just being doing cardio and light workouts, and not risking injury.

      • TheXperience

        Exactly… !! As a professional athlete, you should be disciplined enough to know your limits.

  • watermelon fresh

    sorry but it was a mismatch anyways. Condit is light years better than Brown. Looking forward to Condit destroying Lawler too.

  • enjoylife321

    Does anyone feel that Hector Lombard may get a call?

    • TheXperience

      Probably too short notice for him… I don't think he can make the weight cut!

      • watermelon fresh

        Lol or cycle off!!

      • enjoylife321

        Good point Xp….

  • enjoylife321

    I always thought this was a very dangerous fight for Brown

    • TheXperience

      YEah i loved this fight but hated it at the same time cause i'm a fan of both but i just didn't see Brown winning this one…

  • jmedno5891

    Man that ***** for brown, I have the same type of injury in my lower back and I never really came back to full strength from it, always have it in the back of my mind when doing lower back exercises. Good thing these guys have good doctors helping them get thru this stuff.