Matt Brown: I’m Going To Take The Title When I Fight For...

Matt Brown: I’m Going To Take The Title When I Fight For It


UFC welterweight Matt “The Immortal” Brown stretched his 170 pound winning streak to seven last night in Ohio, when he stopped Erick Silva by way of TKO in the third round of their Ultimate Fight Night: Cincinnati match.

In a thrilling fight, and a bout that sported one of the greatest first rounds in UFC history, Brown survived an early first frame onslaught from “Indio” to later beat his opponent into defeat and a trip to the hospital.

Post-fight “The Immortal” had nothing but praise for Silva, calling his performance “amazing.” Brown noted Silva’s first round success, and the fact that the fighter caught him “cold” and put him “down.” Brown also made note of Silva’s toughness, stating that no other opponent had withstood that much punishment from him.

His words:

“I can’t say nothing but good things about him, man. That was a pretty amazing performance on his part, too; at least in terms of being able to catch me cold, put me down, and then be able to withstand more punishment than anybody else has ever withstood from me, before.”

As to a title shot, Brown hopes that his Cincinnati performance was good enough to earn him one, but Brown refuses to call it a ‘title shot.’ No, to Brown it’s going to be a ‘title fight,’ because he plans on taking the belt when he fights for it.

Matt Brown:

“I hope so. But let me make it clear, I’m not going to call it a ‘title shot.’ I’m calling it a ‘title fight,’ because I’m not going to a shot at it. I’m going to take the title when I go fight for it.”

By the look of him over his last seven fights and six T/KO stoppages, Brown does look ready for his ‘title fight.’ However, the brand is likely to throw him into the fire one more time before he gets it.

As to which fighter the UFC might pair Brown with next, number six ranked Hector Lombard would appear to be the obvious choice.  

Photo courtesy of Matt Brown

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  • enjoylife321

    I would hate to see a guy like Brown wait so long that a loss comes before a title 'FIGHT'.
    If he fights hector Lombard that's a nasty matchup but Browns no pussy….After all these wins he needs to be fast tracked into something big….Awesome to see him headlining, getting respect.

    • movescamp

      It doesn't matter if he isn't fighting top 5 guys. He needs to beat one of them first. Silva is more like a top 15 guy. Hector Lombard will walk through Matt brown. Anywhere in the fight. Toughness is good mixed with a good defense. He fights anything like he did against silva against lomabard, lawler, etc he is going to be finished.

  • rodenzi

    Matt Brown vs Carlos Condit please! It's going to be a bloody mess. I want brown to win but if condit wins, i wont be less satisfied.