UFC Welterweight contender Martin "The Hitman" shared thoughts about his upcoming scrap with Johny Hendricks, and GSP's return to the Octagon against "The Natural Born Killer" Carlos Condit. Kampmann, who defeated Condit back in 2009, has Johny Hendricks as the only roadblock en route to his first ever title shot in the UFC.

Interestingly enough. Kampmann stated that he can see Georges St. Pierre breaking down mentally if Carlos Condit manages to hurt him on November 17th. Kampmann's fight with Hendricks will be the co-main event of the night at UFC 154, so the Dane will get a chance to watch LIVE whether his grim prophecy becomes a reality.

"I could see GSP quitting if he gets hurt, if he gets hit with a good shot, but Condit he's going to keep going, he's going to be in the fight till the end. That's why I'm starting to lean more towards him."