Martin Kampmann and Thiago Alves set to headline UFC’s return to Australia

Martin Kampmann and Thiago Alves set to headline UFC’s return to Australia


The UFC will make its return to Australia on March 3, 2012. The fight card will feature a main event between Martin Kampmann and Thiago Alves. In addition, the first round of the UFC’s flyweight tournament will take place on this card.

Kampmann will enter the fight following a victory over Rick Story at UFC 139. That fight was originally announced as a split decision victory for Kampmann, but was later adjusted to reflect a unanimous decision. The win over Story ended a two-fight losing streak that Kampmann had been on.

For his part, Alves is also coming off a win, defeating Papy Abedi at UFC 138 by first round rear naked choke.  Prior to UFC 138, Alves went 1-3, dropping fights to Georges St. Pierre, Jon Fitch and Rick Story, while defeating John Howard via unanimous decision. is reporting that the fight will take place Saturday at noon in Australia, the time difference will allow the broadcast to be shown on Friday night in the US during prime time.

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Martin Kampmann celebrates his win over Jacob Volkmann during UFC 108 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on January 2, 2010, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Francis Specker


  • This is such a beast card, especially for free TV….Kampmann vs Alves is going to be a technical stand up war and then there is the 4 man Flyweight tourny, Benavidez, Mighty Mouse, McCall and Urushitani are all sick fighters and always put on exciting fights and there are still so many unannounced fights for this card, its going to be great

  • Shut up Kill Dozer

  • gatekeeper vs gatekeeper

  • I like both these fighters.

    I think it is unfair to label either one as merely gatekeepers. While it may happen that both end up in that role, both have had tough losses that I think they should or could have won.

    Kampman is very well rounded–his only flaw is that he doesn’t pack enough power in his punches–and he seems to lack a killer instinct. In the Shields fight–he should have kept it standing, but he got sucked into Jake’s gameplan. I still think he won that one. Kampman, who has an excellent ground game, tried to slug it out with Daley–and though the fight was stopped–Martin was not out–he just received too many unanswered blows standing. Again, he got sucked into his opponent’s gameplan. In the fight with Sanchez–Diego looked like he got hit with a Mack truck afterward, but eked out a win, nevertheless. Kampman has had hard luck and stupid gameplans–but he has so much untapped potential and talent. Story, an excellent wrestler, found out about Kampman’s ground game.

    Alves has three of his losses against the best in the WW division–GSP and Jon Fitch–nothing to be ashamed about. Recently he lost to Story–who exploited Alves’s weakness–wrestling. The funny thing is that Thiago has excellent TDD–it’s just that the WW division has some of the best wrestlers in the UFC. Alves is probably too short, with too little reach to fight in MW, but he is huge and strong. He is so huge, he fails to make weight or is so sapped by the cut, he does not perform at his best.

    If Kampman is smart–he will take it to the ground. Although he can stand with Alves, Thiago hits and kicks harder–but probably cannot answer Martin on the ground.

    This is a great fight, and one I am curious about who will win.

  • Guess im not buying tickets this year then.. **** you Dana, you said Australia is the 3rd biggest market for the UFC now. Bring better events to us. Tiles fights, or atleast top contender fights. No the start of the fly weight tournement doest count.

  • once again with homosexual innuendos. imagine that, the shirtless guy posing for the camera in his mirror is making gay jokes… hmmmm coincidence, i think not

  • Going Kampmann here. Thiago has really fallin’ off.

  • Alves is kinda like Kongo. Looks the part, but seldom delivers.

  • Pros and cons in this fight. If Thiago loses, we won’t see him in the title picture for like 3 years, same for Kampmann. They both need to win some fights before fighting each other. But anyways, this fight is going to be a standup battle. Precise kickboxer against powerful Muay thai fighter. I believe Kampmann will be able to do very well but we never know, both of them can knock each other out at any given time from the beginning to the end.