Mark Hunt Willing To Go Backwards To Put Brendan Schaub To Sleep

Mark Hunt Willing To Go Backwards To Put Brendan Schaub To Sleep


Last evening, “UFC Tonight” posted to their Twitter account that Brendan Schaub would like to face Mark Hunt.

As stated by his manager, the number 14 ranked heavyweight has “set his sights on Mark Hunt next.”

For Schaub, the immediate and general (online) reaction to his request was, for the most part, one of disbelief. Hunt is ranked number eight in the division and known for his ‘tank like’ T/KO power and incredible chin. As such, he’s the type of fighter that could prove difficult for Schaub to handle.

“Hybrid” is 6 – 3 in the promotion and of his three losses, Schaub has taken them all by round one KO. Further, Schaub has yet to beat any top ten fighters. Stepping back and looking at the two conditions, Mark Hunt, with his ability to drop huge heavyweights and walk through virtually all they have to offer, is, by the opinion of most, a bad match-up for Schaub.

However and regarding the only opinion that really matters, Mark Hunt appears willing to grant Schaub his wish.

By way of retort, “The Super Samoan” spoke with Ariel Helwani and commented as follows:

“I spoke to Brendan Schaub’s manager, Lex McMahon, and he told me they want to fight Mark Hunt next. He’s expected to come back in summer. I asked Mark Hunt about it, and he said fighting Brendan would be like going backwards, but if he wants go to sleep first, then sure, why not.”

Admittedly, the fight would be a step back for Hunt. Indeed, Hunt would have to reach back six spots in the rankings to take the fight. As such, a match with Schaub does nothing for Hunt’s career other than give him a paycheck and a win, assuming that he gets the victory.

Other than that the fight does nothing for “The Super Samoan.”

As to the fight itself, fans have to give Schaub props for wanting to take a fight with Hunt. Given his reputation and Schaub’s record, the pairing is not a match for the hybrid.

However, it’s a fight and anything can happen. Schaub does have power and does possess a submission’s game. So, perhaps it is possible that he could stop Hunt on his feet or maybe get him off of them, and submit him. All things are possible. However, the book on this match is likely to be that Hunt would put Schaub to sleep.

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  • Entity

    lol, I dont even see what Mark said as cocky. I truly believe thats simply how he sees it. I dont see Brendon winning that fight.

    • Entity

      Hunts a badass. He never makes excuses and comes right out and fights.

  • NCapone

    Shaub is all high on his jiu jitsu after his last fight which is prolly why he's calling hunt out.. But is in for a world of hurt when he realizes he can't take Hunt down… Lights out Shaub

  • Cookie77

    Bright idea… Lets challenge a dude that has one punch killing power when you have 3 KO lost against your name.. Hopes the hybrid has been working on his wrestling.

    • Brian Cox

      You're calling it, Cookie.


    Schaub would try to do the same thing he did to Lavar Johnson. As much as i'd like to see Hunt put him to sleep, no thanks.