Mark Hunt Responds To Bigfoot Silva’s Failed Drug Test

Mark Hunt Responds To Bigfoot Silva’s Failed Drug Test


News broke yesterday that Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva had failed his post-fight drug test following his epic battle with Mark Hunt at UFC Fight Night 33.

Silva failed the test with elevated testosterone levels which he blamed in his doctor and not any fault of his own. Hunt was initially disappointed when he heard the news of his former training partner’s failed test.

However, when he learned, from speaking to, that he would receive Silva’s $50,000 bonus, “The Super-Samoan” was understandably excited.

“I haven’t heard anything…Hell yeah!”

Hunt and Silva’s epic battle will no doubt go down as one of the greatest fight’s in heavyweight history. The fight went to a majority draw after five rounds of brutal action. 

When Hunt learned that Silva had been granted a therapeutic-use exemption by the UFC he said that he “needed to get on that s-t”.

“S–t, I need to get on some of this s–t. F–k, I don’t know how these guys are doing this s–t. I should get some of that s–t, too.”

The news came as an early Christmas present for Hunt and will no doubt make up for him being out of action after he broke his hand cracking “Bigfoot’s” dome. Hunt was shocked when he initially heard the information but said he still hasn’t heard anything from the UFC:

“That’s news to me. I haven’t heard anything of it. I don’t know what to say, honestly. I don’t know what it is, but kudos to me for the bonus, eh?”

The fight will stay as a majority draw on Hunt’s record while Silva’s has been overturned to a no contest. The Brazilian has also been suspended for nine months. There has been no word yet on whether Silva’s win bonus will be taken away from the fighter but the UFC may fine the amount from him.

Photo: Bruce Fedyck for USA TODAY Sports

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  • PukeVomit

    he's a cool dude. bust he must feel some kind of betrayed… i know, it doesn't work like that, but they should change the result in a win for him.

  • Fluidity

    Although i'm a ******** fan i am a rookie when it comes to drug use in sports in general. I'm truly confused, are all these guys aware they were under some sort of illegal substance or is it a complete surprise to them when they get the news…? I mean at this point i really don't see why someone would do that, you WILL get caught that is a fact and it doesn't even seem to help them at all in their performances. I just don't understand.

    • Fluidity

      why did the word h4rd core get censored…? 😮

    • 51JD51

      That's the thing, you usually don't get caught. There's far more guys on performance enhancing drugs than get popped for it so no you likely won't get caught.

  • mmauk

    The athletic commissions are a disgrace for giving him the exemption anyway. Isn't it amazing how this sport with all these tough guys and yet none of them can produce their own testosterone.

    • 51JD51

      Bigfoot might actually be the rare exception where this is fair. I'm pretty sure (read too lazy to actually research) that low testosterone is either a symptom of acromegaly or some of the treatments for it.

      • mmauk

        I'm sorry but I'm not buying it. He's been popped before, if you have any disease, you have the opportunity to take thing "stuff" others can't if you declare it and get permission. The first time he got caught then confessed to using a banned substance. I have said this before many times on lowkick as have others, Dana White too, there not using this to stay at "normal levels" they are abusing it, taking it beyond the limit then managing it down. He can blame the doctor all he wants, I got no sympathy for him, YOU reap what YOU sow.