Mark Hunt Knocks Out Stefan Struve and Talks Injuries

Mark Hunt Knocks Out Stefan Struve and Talks Injuries


As fans know, particularly those of Mark Hunt, this coming weekend stands “The Super Samoan’s” first return to the Octagon since his KO loss to Junior dos Santos, back in May of this year.

Going into the fight Hunt had been riding a four fight winning streak and looking all but unstoppable, as he militated his way towards a probable title shot. However, it was not to be. Junior proved the better man that night and laid low Hunt’s title dreams in the third round of their match.

In lead-up to Saturday’s fight in Brisbane, Australia, the UFC has re-released the Hunt vs. Stephan Struve fight, from March of this year; Mark’s last win in the Octagon.

In recap of the fight, the things that stand out the most are the fact that one, Stephan Struve has or at least had, a heck of a chin, and two, that Mark Hunt not only hits like a freight train, but that he’s also capable of staving off a decent ground fighter.

The bout was a good one and both fighters gave it their all. Struve actually gave it his Jaw too, as the seven foot tall Dutchman broke it during the bout; most likely on Hunt’s last and KO of the night bonus wining, punch.

As an ancillary note, I’ve added a brief video of Mark discussing his bout with JDS and the pre-existing injuries that he had going into the match. As it turns out, Hunt’s had more than a broken toe that he was unaware of heading into the fight.

As fans will remember and beyond his match with JDS, Mark ended up in the hospital with a massive hole in his left leg, all of which was caused by of a large hematoma. Most fans were under the impression that the problem had been the result of a post-fight staph infection. However, that was not the case.

In speaking with Hammer Time Fight Show, Mark states that he had sustained a bruise 12 weeks prior to the fight, one which he’d thought had gone away, but apparently hadn’t. Hunt said soreness ended up affecting his kicking game and the ability to push JDS to the cage. Subsequent to that, he would later found himself at home, nauseous, complaining of headaches and knowing something wasn’t right. The proof of Mark’s suspicions being correct, is the in the video.

Happily, it’s all in the past now and Mark is healthy and ready to go for his Saturday night match, with Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva. For Hunt’s loyal and devoted fans it’s been a long six months, but the wait is finally over.

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