Mark Hunt Is Still Hungry

Mark Hunt Is Still Hungry


Mark “The Super Samoan” Hunt is a fighter’s fighter.

He has stalked the rings and cages of various mixed martial arts promotions for the last 23 years, and where so many of his generation have long since retired, Mark still soldiers on and with a full sense of purpose.

Hunt continues to fight for one reason and one reason only, and that’s because he’s “still hungry”. Of course, the wonderful thing about Mark’s hunger is that even at age 39 (40 in March), he’s still relevant. Although, the Super Samoan is currently unranked in the UFC’s heavyweight division, he is nonetheless, a contender in the division.

To the point, Mark has a bout coming up in nine days and in that fight, he’ll be taking on number four ranked Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva. If Hunt can win the December 7th match in Brisbane, Australia, then Hunt will leap onto the rankings board (taking Silva’s four spot) and be, perhaps, one fight away from a fight with division champion, Cain Velasquez.

All things considered, these are good times for Mark and in watching this video it’s hard for fans not to see the happiness, joy and contentment written all over his face and reverberating in his voice. Simply put, Hunt is in a great place in his life right now and doing exactly what he loves; fighting, and being a devoted family man, husband and dad to (soon to be) six children.

In a word and particularly to his army of devoted fans, he’s a very special guy.

He has a heart the size of a lion, a never say die or quite attitude and an amazingly, infectious personality. He is simply impossible not to like, love and respect, and it matters not if we’re talking about him as a fighter or a human being; he’s just great.

When fans step back and consider that Mark’s career had been all but written off and thrown into the trash can back in 2010, when the UFC offered to pay out the remainder of his old PRIDE contract and without assigning him any fights, it’s simply amazing to see where he is, today.

The UFC saw no value in Hunt and showed him no respect. They simply offered him cash and pointed towards the door. Yet, the Super Samoan being the man that he is would have none of it and elected to fight for his money, rather than just have it handed to him. In translation, Hunt is a warrior with a middle-class work ethic and he earns what he gets, he doesn’t take handouts or charity. And of course, and as his record bears out, didn’t Mark leave the UFC brass looking foolish for their lack of MMA acumen, when assessing his talents.

Like other greats of his era, such as Wanderlei Silva, Fedor Emelianenko and Dan Henderson, Hunt is a legend and icon to his fans, and a throwback to old school tough. His willingness, at age 36 (2010), to still have the guts and determination to fight the best in the world, and earning his keep, by taking fights that the UFC was prepared to pay him “not” to take, is just one example of the many reasons why his fans love him, so much.

Win or lose a fight, Mark Hunt always shows up to fight and his power and skill are not to be trifled with. There’s not a fighter in the division that he can’t knockout and his mind is indomitable, and even at age 39 he may still yet challenge for the heavyweight belt. This December 7th in Brisbane, the Super Samoan will once again attempt to put himself into title contention and Bigfoot Silva is his ticket to the four spot ranking.

It should be a great fight and an awesome card.

In his own words, here’s the happy and loveable Mark Hunt, himself:  

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  • dropkickmurphy

    He looks the type that is always hungry.

  • IgorBg

    This is a real warrior! MMA needs more guys like him.

  • x murderer

    what a great guy…absolute role model.