Mark Hunt is the latest MMA fighter to sound off about UFC pay, or the lack of it. Tim Kennedy recently compared the life of a MMArtist in the UFC to that of a garbage man, although his pay check at UFC 162 would beg to differ. Hunt has had problems in the past with the UFC, Dana White originally wanted to buy Hunt out of his Pride FC contract and let The Super Samoan 'Ride off in to the sunset'.

Hunt eventually got his way, was signed to the UFC and became a huge fan favorite. Only thing is, Hunt is still unhappy with the UFC's payscale. Check out what he had to say via his official Facebook page:

"well i don't now bout where they got there figures from but it must be true lol this is really crap man i need a pay rise. how can some of these other gooons get more than me hahahahai been cheated again,why anyone would want to be a ufc fighter if this is how much we get paid."

Following his UFC 160 fight with Junior Dos Santos, Hunt was payed a cool 160k, not bad considering Chris Weidman was payed 48k for knocking out the GOAT. Hunt's comments serve as evidence that the UFC is leaving bitter tastes in a lot of fighters mouths.

It being the number one, largest MMA organization on the planet-Zuffa/UFC don't really have to worry about fighters being poached by higher paying promotions. That may not be the same forever though. With the recent success of Women's MMA and MMA as a whole, we may start to see more and more big shows coming out of the woodwork.

Check out the MMA Manifesto for yourself if you want to see what Mark Hunt was referring to.