Main Event Salaries For UFC 167 Revealed

Main Event Salaries For UFC 167 Revealed


Georges St-Pierre and Rashad Evans are set to receive the biggest payouts following tonight’s UFC 167 20th anniversary event. GSP will take home $400,000 win or lose while “Suga” stands to take home a disclosed $250,000.

Courtesy of salaries for tonight’s main event are as followed:

-Georges St-Pierre: $400,000 (no win bonus)
vs. Johny Hendricks: $50,000 (potential win bonus of $50,000)

-Rashad Evans: $125,000 (potential win bonus of $125,000)
vs. Chael Sonnen: $100,000 (no win bonus)

-Robbie Lawler: $83,000 (potential win bonus of $83,000)
vs. Rory MacDonald: $50,000 (potential win bonus of $50,000)

-Josh Koscheck: $78,000 (potential win bonus of $78,000)
vs. Tyrone Woodley: $50,000 (potential win bonus of $50,000)

-Ali Bagautinov: $10,000 (potential win bonus of $10,000)

vs. Tim Elliott: $12,000 (potential win bonus of $12,000)


A full list of UFC 167’s fighter salaries will be released after tonight’s main event. The figures do not reflect deductions for insurance, licenses and taxes etc. Also the salaries do not include special “UFC bonuses” or pay-per-view cuts.

Just a few points. Lawler and Koscheck are set to take home at least $55,000 more that Hendricks if they win, which is absolutely insane. The fact that Koscheck and Lawler are earning more than MacDonald right now is ridiculous.  Also, these flyweight fighter’s on the main card are terribly underpaid, it’s seems hard being a little guy in the UFC these days.

What are your thoughts on the main card salaries? Are they fair?

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  • Brian Cox

    How is Robbie Lawler making more money than either Johny Hendricks, Rory MacDonald or Josh Koscheck?

    That makes no senses to me.

    • D

      He has more fights, wins, and finishes than any of them. He also happens to be a former champion of a major MMA promotion, which none of the others can claim.

      • thexperience1

        Exactly…. Lawler is a true UFC vet. and you'll see that with most of the fighters the longer they've been in the UFC and the more fights/wins they have the more money they make, cause with every new contract negotiation their salary gets bumped up. It makes perfect sense.

  • MagicMMA

    Surprise at how little Johny and Rory are getting, amazed at how much GSP is making even without a win.

    • thexperience1

      I dont see how it could be surprising that GSP, the #1 PPV draw in the UFC and Champ for a 1000 years gets substantially more money than most fighters.

      They often give fighters especially ones that have been with them for a while the option to choose between for example… 250k base salary + 250 win bonus OR 400k win or loose. Safe bet would be the 400k but fighters that are more confident in their ability to win might opt for 250k + 250k and take home 100k more with a win.

  • akieyugames

    It's all about negotiations, though Sonnen getting the least payment with his fondness of words, or maybe just being a company man.

  • Bruce Lee

    I notice on that list I'm not getting anything :-(

  • llerena-gogeta
  • enjoylife321

    Fertita Salary for event = ten of millions of dollars

    A $5 million gate + 1,000,000 PPV buys = over $50 million

    The salaries for the fighters are around 1.3 million…..The PPV percentage is only provided to a few of the fighters and is a very small percentage. UFC would be paying out no more than 20% of that PPV revenue to the fighters. The few guys that do recieve PPV get 2-3%.

    I suspect after expenses the UFC would collect a minimum $10 -15 million for the event