Machida Not Impressed With Jones’ Recent Fights, Thinks Teixeira Could Beat Him

Machida Not Impressed With Jones’ Recent Fights, Thinks Teixeira Could Beat Him


In speaking with “Fighthub.TV”, former light-heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida had a mixed bag of statements about current division champion and rival, Jon Jones.

Since their last meeting, “The Dragon” said he hasn’t been impressed with Jones’s Octagon performances and more particularly who he’s faced. Although Machida acknowledges that Jones is a “great fighter”, he feels the champion has been dining on a lesser crew of late and not facking legitimate 205 opponents. In support of his claim, Lyoto made note of Belfort and Sonnen, saying that they are middleweights and not true light-heavyweights and as such, weren’t much of a challenge.

Machida believes that he has what it takes to defeat Jones, but also feels that Glover Teixeira could well beat Jones too, stating:

“I think Glover, he’s great technique, he’s a very strong guy. He’s training to fight and he can beat Jon Jones one day. He’s good. He’s difficult to take him down. He defends all the time and technique and good cardio, too. I think Glover can beat Jon Jones.”

On the topic of Chael Sonnen, Lyoto said that he was frustrated that he got a title-shot and believed that all Sonnen might have been able to do was take Jones down and wait on a judge’s decision.

Further, he feels that Sonnen talked his way into the fight rather than earned it. However, Machida also acknowledged that hype is part of the business and that Sonnen is a master of it. That said, he thinks Chael “talks too much” and that “as a fighter maybe he has to show more than talk.”

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  • enjoylife321

    Last time I checked you were dropped on the canvas like a rotten bag of potatoes

    • Kevin

      Ha I was going to say the same thing.

      Machida and Belfort both put on a solid fight with Jones. Glover could be the guy to dethrone Jones, but he hasn't fought someone in the top 5 yet either.

  • watermelon fresh

    What a misleading headline

    Question – Are you impressed with Jon Jones since you fought him?

    Machida – No because he fought 2 middleweights.

    Machida, clearly goes on to say that jon jones is " great" so he did not say that he's NOT IMPRESSED with Jones – He said he was not impressed with last 2 fights.

    • Brian Cox

      The thing that is clear from your comment is that you didn't read the post.

  • watermelon fresh

    How could anyone not be impressed with Jones – His reign is probably even better than Siilva's despite not being as long because he has DESTROYED legends and guys that are still in prime. He' unbelievable.

    • TheRealDeal

      Spot on Watermelon man.

    • IChokePeople


  • SatelliteMan

    Machida needs to talk some more trash or something. While I enjoy watching him fight, the typical fan is not clamoring to see him fight Jones. Some trash talking can probably fix that quick.

    • Brian Cox

      Based off of their last fight, I'd like to see Jones / Machida II. However, he has to beat Davis first and that's not an easy fight.

  • mauromina

    brian cox is the most sensacionalist mma analyst of all time. i watched this interview before on another mma site and when i saw this headline i was 100% sure mr brian cox posted.

    lyoto was nothing but respectful on this interview!

    brian is the most controversial analyst in lowkicks history

    • thexperience1


    • Brian Cox

      As my name is beside the headline, it should come as no shock to anyone that I wrote it or that you were 100% sure of it. With those types of analytical skills, you should really consider a career as a police detective.

      • matt1926

        Brian: I actually am a Police Detective and I think you were pretty accurate. He asked Lyoto if he was impressed……Lyoto said, "No". Why all the confusion?

        • akieyugames

          Well, well well Brian, you didn't just eared a "sharp", you eared an "accurate".

          • mauromina

            well mr cop man… he said no because he fought to MWs and also because Belfort took the fight on short notice. not because he thinks jones *****. then he says that jones is a great champion and has a great technique. the headline is a sensasionalist one because if you don't watch the interview you think lyoto really thinks jones isn't such a great fighter. and that's not the case.

          • Brian Cox

            Mau…"if"…you didn't watch the interview…but the interview is there for people to watch. "If" someone didn't watch it, is that my fault?

            Also, why did you leave out an "if" statement regarding the reading of the post. For, "if" someone read the post they would know that Machida respects Jones; it's in the 3 line of the first paragraph, past the "source" accreditation.

            So basically, you're contention becomes that if you didn't watch the video or read the post, then your statement(s) become true.

            Concluding, what your comments reveal is that you didn't read the post. For is you had, you would know that all of your complaints are / were addressed in the piece.

          • Brian Cox

            Aki…I got the "accurate", because what I posted was accurate; nothing more, nothing less.

            Sadly, for some it takes a law enforcement officer to point that out.

        • Brian Cox

          Thank you Matt. He was asked a direct question and he gave a direct answer. That answer is part of the official record and was reported accurately and with the follow-up statement (as it appears in the body of the piece) that Machida thinks Jones is a great fighter.

          I fail to understand the confusion, as well.



    • akieyugames

      This is going to be a long read of comments.

    • TheRealDeal

      Let's see you do better.

  • chaos

    I actually would love to see Glover vs Jones. That would be awesome to see. Don't know who would win that one.

  • TheRealDeal

    Machida is a great counter striker, that's it. Jones is a complete package. A rematch would only see Machida dropped on his head like last time. Glover would have a better shot at Jones but would still fail.

    • IChokePeople

      Yeah, you're right. Machida's wrestling and BJJ are non-existent…GTFO.

  • cranestyle

    Lyoto Machida, borrowing from the Wanderlei Silva of school of lame proxy call outs.

    He isn't impressed by victories over opponents from smaller weight classes? What about a 205'er fighting a lightweight, such as BJ Penn? How impressive would that guy be?

  • fightgame

    Well, he should be impressed. Jones looked for him in the first round and could not find him (but Machida did not capitalize on that in any way). In the second round Jones found him and choked him cold.

    I do not expect a possible second fight to finish any differently. Unless Jones breaks all of the rest 9 toes or something.