MacDonald: Going To Dominate Lawler / Ellenberger Didn’t Fight

MacDonald: Going To Dominate Lawler / Ellenberger Didn’t Fight


This past July Rory MacDonald suffered a disappointing win, if it can be put that way, against heavy-handed Jake Ellenberger and in a bout that neither pleased the fans nor thrilled UFC President Dana White.

On the same card was recent addition to the promotion and returning UFC veteran, Robbie Lawler. Lawler was paired up against slugger Bobby Voelker and where MacDonald jabbed and sparred his way to victory in his bout, all the while boring the promotion’s president, Lawler wowed White with an impressive display of aggression and KO (head-kick) power.

On the heels of the card and its outcomes, it was announced this week that the UFC would match the two fighters in a 170 pound showdown, this November 16th in Las Vegas, at UFC 167.

MacDonald, for his part, is looking forward to the fight and thinks it’s an “honor” to fight Lawler.

As “Ares” puts it, “he’s a very tough guy, he’s been around a very long time and I’ve been watching him since I was a little kid.”

However and regardless of the honor, Macdonald believes that he will turn in a dominating performance over “Ruthless” and in doing so, “shut him down in every field of MMA.”

As to Dana Whites feelings about his last performance, MacDonald doesn’t care and he’s not going to change his fighting style, because White was unhappy with a single outing. More to the point, Rory believes that he put on a great performance in his fight with Ellenberger; however “Jake didn’t fight back.”  

Further still, Ares feels that his record speaks for itself, as to him being a finisher. Hence, he’s not concerned over any criticisms he’s received.

All in all, this should be a great bout and a great test for both fighters. As Lawler is apt to bring the fight to MacDonald’s door, Rory should have no complaints about his opponent not wanting to engage, and if he can put Lawler away, he will once again impress the boss and any fans that were dismayed with his last Octagon appearance.

On the other side of the coin, if Lawler can come in and put the #3 ranked MacDonald out cold on the canvass, he will immediately vault himself into title contention and surely, would be no more than 1 fight away from a title-shot.

Video courtesy of: “SportsNetCanada”.

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  • GianGiacommo G

    Guess that Rory doesn't remember getting out of the straight jacket.

  • falcon4917

    He thinks he fought Jake? This guy is delusional, sure he threw a few jabs and expected Jake to make the fight happen. Neither guy fought that night. If he wanted a fight he simp0ly had to start fighting and not wait for Jake to do that for him. He was a joke nearly as much so as Jake in that fight. Excuses, excuses that are absolute bs.

    • falcon4917

      Thankfully Robbie should force this fight for him so he can not look so rediculous.

    • borealis19

      Falcon4917– How is this "guy" "delusional"? He followed a smart plan to decisively beat a very dangerous striker/wrestler. Before that, he finished tough opponents in some of the most thrilling fights at welterweights…It always AMAZES me how fickle, unfair, biased, and ungrateful some mma fans and even so called pundits are…This short and selective memory that only remembers the "bad" from its narrow, "keyboard warrior," perspective is pitiful…Go watch this "guy"'s fights and confirm that he (or Jake) are "jokes…" It's fans like you who viciously criticise the best fighters on the planet (including The Spider) because of one "bad" performance…

      • Entity

        Screw smart game plans, how about FIGHT, not play safe. Dont only strive to be good in one area, strive to be able to dominate is ALL areas. AMAZES me how people can justify a "safe" no fighting game plan.

      • falcon4917

        He handled it like a points sport not a fight. If he wanted a fight there was nothing Jake could do to stop it. They aren't playing basketball in there so how does he expect people to respect his decision to not fight. I agree he has had some really great fights and I never complained until this one in which both fighters talked their A*ses off and then played tag in which the guy with the only arms that could reach won. Nobody won a fight and he thinks it was a great performance. All he did deminish his great run. Jake was even worse.

      • gm1


        How are you talking that Rory has some impressive wins…
        The division he is in now he has not beaten anyone in top5. BJ was basically retired and not n the rankings. Mike Pyle? Really!!!
        Everyone is talk this kids contendership when he lost to a real contender "Condit". One thing is most likely, against Lawler, someone will definitely be finished…

  • aaron-sisson1994

    Well of course he didn't engage the fight, he definitely did not want to get knocked out by Jake. Personally I didn't like the match up anyways but this time with Robbie the fight is guaranteed. Robbie will bring it and is always looking to finish the fight which will force Rory to either trade punches or run away. I haven't really kept up with Rory and I'm not even sure if he wrestles a lot but I'm sure he's not planning on trading punches with Robbie.

  • thexperience1

    ehm… yea good luck with that!

  • Entity

    Hope Robbie removes his head and takes it bowling on Sunday.

    • IChokePeople

      You have to change your avatar. I hear everything you post in Stewie's voice now.

      • Brian Cox

        Yessss…..I agree.

  • Ivy

    I still think Rory is pretty overrated in the UFC. Robbie shuts him down with that big right.

  • IChokePeople

    Hey, maybe Rory can destroy Robbie. A few weeks ago I would have said so. This fight is going to be good. I have no idea who will win. That said, Lawler has looked phenomenal at WW so far.

  • azzkika

    I don't know why he is getting the stick for the last fight. Ellenburger was the one back peddling the whole fight.