This past July Rory MacDonald suffered a disappointing win, if it can be put that way, against heavy-handed Jake Ellenberger and in a bout that neither pleased the fans nor thrilled UFC President Dana White.

On the same card was recent addition to the promotion and returning UFC veteran, Robbie Lawler. Lawler was paired up against slugger Bobby Voelker and where MacDonald jabbed and sparred his way to victory in his bout, all the while boring the promotion’s president, Lawler wowed White with an impressive display of aggression and KO (head-kick) power.

On the heels of the card and its outcomes, it was announced this week that the UFC would match the two fighters in a 170 pound showdown, this November 16th in Las Vegas, at UFC 167.

MacDonald, for his part, is looking forward to the fight and thinks it’s an “honor” to fight Lawler.

As “Ares” puts it, “he’s a very tough guy, he’s been around a very long time and I’ve been watching him since I was a little kid.”

However and regardless of the honor, Macdonald believes that he will turn in a dominating performance over “Ruthless” and in doing so, “shut him down in every field of MMA.”

As to Dana Whites feelings about his last performance, MacDonald doesn’t care and he’s not going to change his fighting style, because White was unhappy with a single outing. More to the point, Rory believes that he put on a great performance in his fight with Ellenberger; however “Jake didn’t fight back.”  

Further still, Ares feels that his record speaks for itself, as to him being a finisher. Hence, he’s not concerned over any criticisms he’s received.

All in all, this should be a great bout and a great test for both fighters. As Lawler is apt to bring the fight to MacDonald’s door, Rory should have no complaints about his opponent not wanting to engage, and if he can put Lawler away, he will once again impress the boss and any fans that were dismayed with his last Octagon appearance.

On the other side of the coin, if Lawler can come in and put the #3 ranked MacDonald out cold on the canvass, he will immediately vault himself into title contention and surely, would be no more than 1 fight away from a title-shot.

Video courtesy of: “SportsNetCanada”.