UFC Middleweight Luke Rockhold had a harsh awakening in his Octagon debut last Saturday when he was on the wrong end of a Vitor Belfort KO. In the time since Belfort’s victory, many fans and media have started to question whether ‘The Phenom’s’ TRT use is beginning to cloud his legacy as he rides high on the momentum of a late-career surge. But Rockhold isn’t going to be one to start making excuses, telling MMA Junkie that he felt good before and during the fight:

"I mean it's hard to say what went wrong. I was feeling good. I was finding my timing. I felt like I was controlling things, and then he landed a spinning heel kick to my head."

"I felt good. I saw his punches. I saw everything. I was landing some shots. I felt like I was starting to control things, and then I got caught. It happens."

It seems like Rockhold has a good attitude about the loss, noting that he just got caught with the wrong shot. While several are quick to cite TRT use as a motivating factor for the stunning knockout, Rockhold is surprisingly one that will not use that excuse:

"TRT had nothing to do with that kick. I lost to one of the best guys in the world, and it was something pretty spectacular. I don't know what to really think about anything right now. I just want to get back and fight and beat someone up. That's what I'm focused on. Good job by Vitor. What can I say?"

So Rockhold is looking to get back to fighting soon, eager to prove he belongs with the top rungs of the UFC 185 lb. division. His loss to Belfort is a setback for sure, but he seems to be taking it in some sort of stride rather than letting it consume him. Meanwhile, the endless debate over TRT will rage on. Could Belfort have beaten Rockhold without using it?