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POLL: LowKickMMAmeme day 2


Our competition in in full swing and LowKick’ers are bringing their A game! Vote below on the best of today’s crop. Also, be sure to vote on yesterday‘s memes, as we fixed the issue some of you had with voting.

We present you with…:

1. Wanderbanks
Submitted by highkick12

2. Dinner’s ready
Submitted by Endo

3. Left Hand
Submitted by Lil’ Bro

4. Hey Dana!
Submitted by BigAlRIz

5. not sure if retired because of long career
Submitted by thealex


Keep’em coming!

  • yes!!

  • ian

    damnit I lost votes of the other one 🙁

  • i feel your pain ian, but it was only day one of voting. the polling seems to work great now

  • I'm sad, that my "Hallucinating Hunt" or "Angry Axe Murderer Advice" Meme's haven't been acknowledged 🙁

    Did you even get them @Yael? [I'm confused with the new pm design,. Don't know, if they were sent.]

  • Test

  • @holycheapshit, we got them. Thanks!

    Not all memes are posted, but they still might be posted later on.

  • Thanks for the reply!