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Lowkick.com Debate Part II: Which Event Are You Most Excited About?


The Lowkick.com debate returns for it’s second installment, this time I’m asking which event is the Lowkick community most pumped for? The coming months will be absolutely huge for the MMA world, with stacked events coming in during the summer period and up to the winter.

So what’s new with the debate? Well this time around the members with the best arguments will be able to choose from a selection of images/videos to include in the final piece.

It doesn’t have to be a UFC event, it can be any promotion you like, in fact you could even chuck in a small regional show if you or a friend or relative are fighting there. The rules are the same as last time-

1.Leave your answer/argument in the comments section below

2.Give your argument a title of some sort, example: ‘Bellator will shine through’

3.No curses or slander

With so many huge events in the pipeline for the UFC, Bellator FC, Invicta, WSOF and plenty more- The next few months look like they are going to be awesome for MMA fans. As always, the best/funniest/laziest/down right weirdest arguments will be featured in the piece.

Now if I had to pick the best event of the year so far, it would have to be UFC on Fuel TV: Silva vs. Stann. The card itself wasn’t that great from top to bottom, but I can’t remember the last time I felt as happy as I did watching Silva vs. Stann. The fight was so intense, my heart was racing, and it reminded me of watching the Pride FC tourney’s.

Something about seeing Silva back in Japan, in one of his vintage wars, and also Mark Hunt knocked the Dutch off of Stefan Struve in spectacular fashion. So get commenting, and stay tuned to Lowkick.com for the results!



  • Easy question Aldo vs Pettis

  • If You Could See Only One Event: Silva / Weidman

    For me and hands down, it would have to be Silva / Weidman. End of story.

    This is the Spider's fist title defense in a full year. That in itself makes it a no-miss. Compounding the case, he's facing off against a great fighter in Chris Weidman. Although Chris might not have a long and storied track record, he's certainly not short on confidence that he can beat Silva and he possesses the skill set to do it.

    Where he may not be able to stand-and-trade with Silva in a prolonged fashion, he has evidenced enough stand-up and power to possibly hold the Champ @ bay and long enough to take him down. Once there, Chris will be more in his world then Anderson in his.

    This is a don't miss, because it's Anderson's first defense in a year and he may well lose his belt in doing so. If that happens, you'll be filtered-off that you missed it.

    • Sucka's gonna talk but they aint talkin bout Sh*t, Weidman steady BARK'N watch A.S. go MIKE VICK…..but really Weidman last fight was a year ago also right?

    • Im not as excited for Silva vs Weidman because I believe Silva will win that fight and most likely with a KO, as far as Aldo vs Pettis I still cant pick a winner.

  • Thats a hard one Rory…..All I know is that these are the two standout matches coming up next.

    1 Anderson Silva vs Weidman 162
    2.Aldo vs pettis 163

    Not really interested in fox sports 1 (Chael Sonnen vs Shogun) Chael is a great fighter but take the hype and drama away and you have a stock standard fighter who relies on wrestling…He does not have great jui jitsu and he is not an elite level striker IMO. His best asset is commentary. Thats why that card falls flat for me…I prefer Chael on the main card but not main event.

  • To me Aldo vs Pettis is most exciting. Both fighters are highly skilled and experienced and It is very hard to pick which one would take the belt. I'll be rooting for 'showtime' anyway.

    Silva vs Weidman on the other hand, is exciting purely because Siva will be fighting after a long time. Talking about skills, Silva and Weidman are just not on the same level. Weidman is a new upcoming fighter aspiring to become the new MW champion but lets face it, he has not done enough to earn this title shot. Silva has pretty much wiped out the entire MW division and he is only getting better with time. He has been tested by a number of highly skilled and top ranked fighters in the past and it shows in the way he fights. For example, Cheal Sonnen, with 14:1 T/E ratio, dominated Silva for 4.5 rounds connecting over 300 significant strikes. Through out the fight Silva stayed on his back and when the time came, he landed just one strike to perfectly execute that submission. What do you make out of it?

    As for Weidman, he has not fought a top level fighter EVER! And lets not forget that he is also coming off a long lay off. Don't get me wrong, I really like this guy. I think he is quite level headed and genuinely believes in himself which is great. He is also skilled but just not enough to become a Champion. Not quite yet.

  • Hey Weidman Fans get prepared for that dent in your chest, your chin is going to make due to you holding your head down & crying for months.

    Dont believe me, ask a Belfort Believer or a Hendo Follower!!! Hell you can ask a Chael Lover TWICE…Ents, D.L. Strokes, Mike S., Minikunttolle, Chael4Pres, ya better tell these cats something, A.S. gonna hurt this youngsta.

  • Anderson is always the guy Im most excited to see fight. He does things nobody else does and has me fixed to the screen to see what crazy move he might pull off.
    Pettis and Jones are right behind him. I dont care if they all lose their next fights these guys are the reason I watch ufc.

  • Evans vs Henderson for me, thats gonna be a war. GO HENDO. Pettis vs aldo is gonna be amazing 2.

  • Aldo vs Pettis thats a nice fight

  • Shogun vs Sonnen
    Shogun and Sonnen are my number one favorite fighters, I would not have ever though that this fight will happen.