If the 170 pound division in the UFC wasn’t already a tough and scary place, it’s about to become a whole lot tougher and whole lot scarier. Hector Lombard has made it official, he is moving to welterweight.

The 35 year old and 1 & 2 UFC middleweight fighter, has confirmed that his next fight will be at welterweight and he's hoping that his first opponent will be Nate Marquardt.

“Lightning” is making the move down to 170 not because he felt he needed to, but rather and because he felt the UFC brass wanted him to.

In making the move down to welterweight Lombard has carved (nearly) 30 pounds from his stocky 5’9” frame and is now a considerably more diminutive 192 pounds. The former Olympian and Bellator middleweight champion has been able to drop the weight through a combination of diet and walking / running (up to 12 miles a day) and feels “confident that he can make the (170) weight” come weigh-in day.

On a more somber note, former (British) UFC fighter Paul Kelly is off to jail. Kelly has been sentenced to a (stiff) 13 year jail sentence for his “master mind” role in trafficking heroin. However and as was pointed out on “Fight News Now Extra”, it is believed that he could well do only 6 of those years.

On the subject of Kelly, John Ramdeen raised an interesting question and one which many UFC fans have often wondered about and that is this, “are UFC fighters paid enough?” As Ramdeen mused, “Tellys”, who fought for the UFC for 3 years (2008 -2011) and exited the promotion with a record of 5 & 4, “should be able to walk away from the organization after competing that many times with some sort of…” it was at this point that John Pollock and Robin Black started laughing and Ramdeen’s question was summarily dismissed. The general consensus between the two (Pollock & Black) being that regardless of pay, “guys I had to traffic this heroin”, is not an acceptable methodology for putting food on the table.

So, are you happy to see Lombard in the welterweight division and do you think he’ll be successful?

Also, what do you think of Ramdeen’s question, are UFC fighters paid enough?