LK’s Loss, Music’s Gain. Last Bullet: A Review

LK’s Loss, Music’s Gain. Last Bullet: A Review


In light of his parting and before he goes, I would like Mr. Fontez to know that MMA differences and the occasional personal clash aside, I think the world of his band. “Last Bullet” should have been on every label head’s radar and every fan’s play-list, years ago. If you have not heard the band before then I encourage you to give them a listen. They are very good.  

I say this not because I’m trying to curry favor with Bryan, but rather and simply because I’m being honest. I also say it as a former A & R man. Had I heard Last Bullet 5 or 6 years ago when I could have done something for them, I would have signed the band after hearing the first song.

In an era of singularly bad music Last Bullet stands out as an exception to the current standard of bland, boring, soulless, corporate junk.

Mr. Fontez’s band is like a black spot on a white dress. You can’t help but notice it. It’s actually the only thing that you do notice and it’s the only thing that people will be talking about when they discuss the dress. Did you see the black spot on the white dress? That’s Last Bullet.

“LB” excels in every relevant category that would be considered when marketing a “great” band. The band has great hooks (the most important thing in a good song) and they seem to have a wealth of them…this is not a one-hit, ride-it-hard and put them away wet, band.

The music also comes with amazingly decent (rock) lyrics which fit hand and glove with the meter and swing of the song(s). They’re right in the “pocket”. Someone listening to it at a decent volume and over decent speakers would be hard pressed to not be tapping their foot once the “play” button had been hit.  

The musicianship is spot-on. They’re a rock band and they sound like one. They’re a classic old school, bass, drum, rhythm & lead guitar, traditional garage rock band and if that’s your thing and that happens’ to be one of my things, then this band is for you. They are an updated, with their own take on it, blast from the past reminder that bands are supposed to write their own songs and play their own instruments, both in studio and on stage. No dancers, covers, pre-recorded tracks or vocal enhancers allowed. Real musicians playing real music have no need for such “tricks” of the trade.  

The vocal and front-man spot is an issue that more-often-than-not will either make or break a band. I think Bryan meets the challenges of the role head on and with gusto. I think he has everything that a band “needs” in a singer.

First, he can actually sing and quite well I might add. Secondly, he carries himself well on stage. He is both confident and charismatic. I can attest to that from the live video performances of his that I’ve watched on YouTube. Thirdly and my guess is, that Mr. Fontez also writes all the lyrics to the songs. If so, then he’s also a very good rock lyricist. That’s 3 out of 3 in the lead singer requirements category. Put it all together and he’d work in any rock band we’d put him in.

In a nutshell when considering the songs, musicianship and lead vocal, Last Bullet is a very tight and very good band. They will go far and they will find a large audience. That’s my LowKick staff prediction of the day.  

Rounding it all out, I wish him and his Last Bullet band-mates all the success in the world. I believe that they will achieve it. The simple fact that Bryan has chosen to move on from his home here at LowKick and as a result of the increasing demands on his time and schedule is evidence of the fact, that both he and the band’s success burgeons on the near horizon.

Mr. Fontez is a bright, passionate, energetic, charismatic and promising young man and one with a great rock band. I am confident that when next we hear from Bryan it will be on either the radio, TV or both.

Thanks for the post Mr. Fontez, but I thank you more for the music. Where I won’t re-read the former, I will re-play the latter.

I leave you with one of my favorite Last Bullet tunes …“Jet”.

Turn it up!


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  • enjoylife321

    I hope bryan nails it… cool to hear someone choose his music as a walkout song at a UFC event.

    • Brian Cox

      Enjoy….that would be very cool. He's got some very cool tunes. Seriously, people should check them out.

      • enjoylife321

        There are some deranged individuals who weak comments

        • Brian Cox

          # LK…rally to get rid of the words…weak and poor. To banish them from site in favor of terms such as….not cool…disagree…or a plain old…."boo".

          Long Live Bryan Fontez and Last Bullet…disagree away.

          PS – 321…what color is your mom's hair? My mom's is brown.

        • Brian Cox

          # LK…rally to get rid of the words…weak and poor.

          To banish them from the site forever and in favor of terms such as….not cool…disagree…or a plain old…."boo".

          Long Live Bryan Fontez and Last Bullet…disagree away.

          PS – 321…what color is your mom's hair? My mom's is brown.

        • Brian Cox

          321…notice that the % (sign) haters hate anonymously.

          Decent minus articulated opinion is simply bias.

          If the "boo" button was available I'd hit it. Then I'd fire up the other laptops that I have @ my disposal and use those IP addresses to pad the vote.

        • D

          I personally weak all weak weaklings who weakly whine about being weaked.

    • David Saucier

      Good luck with your music, you are always part of the lowkick family.

    • Bryan Fontez

      Thanks soo much guys!

      And holy crap Brian! I'm smiling like a jackass right now. I never would have expected this. Thanks soo much, I really appreciate it. Completely unexpected.

      Definitely feeling the love right now! And @Enjoy! I've always wanted our music associated with MMA! Was planning on sending them some stuff to use for countdown shows or TUF!

      Thanks again for everything guys! Give the music a listen if you like it, leave a comment on FB! Hope hear from you all!

      • Brian Cox

        No problem Bryan. I meant every word of it. I'd love to produce an album of LB's.

        Be good.

  • Bruce Lee

    Best of luck Bryan

  • KeithFarrell

    Good luck Brian, missing ya already!

  • falcon4917

    How is the poor side outdoing the cool side on this post?

  • wpgshootr

    Really? Sounds like a Nickelback wannabe band; that is not a good thing.

    • Bryan Fontez

      Nickelback doesn't write riffs like this…

      • Brian Cox

        Why don't you do your next video on MMA? I think the mix of image and sound would be awesome.