Lil’ Nog Never Signed On To Face Alexander Gustafsson

Lil’ Nog Never Signed On To Face Alexander Gustafsson


We were lead to believe that Antonio (Lil Nog) Nogueira had signed to fight number one contender Alexander Gustafsson at the UFC’s March 8th event in London. However, recent findings show that wasn’t the case at all.

A lot of fans and MMA media were confused how Nogueira could agree to a fight more than four months away and then pull out of the bout a few days later. As White put it, ‘Lil’ Nog’ did no such thing:

“What happened was that night we decided to make the fight, Gustafsson said yes, and they couldn’t get hold of him, so I said, ‘F—k it,’ and just went with it and announced the fight, and of course, he’s hurt.”

Last month White announced his intentions to have Gustafsson vs. Nogueira headline the UFC’s March London event, which would kick off the start of the UFC’s European Tour event. Only a few days later it was announced that Nogueira had dropped out of the contest due to a lingering back injury. It comes out now that Nogueira had no intentions of fighting in the bout in the first place.

The UFC head admitted after last night’s UFC Fight Night 32 event that he was partially to blame for the mix up, but instead of apologizing for signing Nogueira up for a bout which he never knew about, the UFC head took it upon himself to criticize ‘Lil Nog’:’

“The fight isn’t for four months, and he’s already determined he’s hurt. I don’t understand that. The guy is always hurt. Every time you call him, he’s hurt,”

So let’s get this straight. Dana White signed Nogueira for a fight against the number one contender in the light-heavyweight division without even speaking to him or his manager before announcing the fight.

White has since found out ‘Lil Nog’ was injured and therefore cannot fight, so he has to replace him. Instead of White apologizing for his mistake he goes on to blame Nogueira for not being able to fight in March. Is that really fair?

One man who is happy about how the circumstances have carried out is Gustafsson’s new opponent Jimi Manuwa. ‘The Poster Boy’ has been given the biggest opportunity in his fighting career to replace ‘Lil Nog’ and take on ‘The Mauler.’

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  • falcon4917

    Kind of helps the case that Dana is in a world of his own.

  • enjoylife321

    A guy is out and injured and Dana's reaction is you fukin pu-ssy…..
    Dan should try fighting as many fights as nog and seeing how his body feels along with years of training

    • IGMBurninPiff

      stop, Nog is always hurt, they're always damaged. He's also not even close to the top of the division and Dana White was giving him an opponent who if Lil Nog could pull it out he'd shoot back to the top. Dana's mistake but he's right. 4 Months away for a fight to really make his career back to relevant and he's already decided no can do…

      • enjoylife321

        @Silvastreet….There are two sides to a pancake…I would wait until L nog has a chance to put his case forward…If it was a golden opportunity I would find it hard that L nog would let it slide…It could also be a tactic to avoid certain fights but who knows

        • Entity

          Damn, now I want pancakes 8))

  • Entity

    Ahh Dana jumped to conclusions AGAIN. (Bjorn headshake?)