Lil Nog: I’m ready for anything against Rashad Evans

Lil Nog: I’m ready for anything against Rashad Evans


UFC Light Heavyweight Antonio Rogerio Nogueira appears in a interview to address his training heading into his big fight against Rashad Evans. Always classy, Lil Nog acknowledges that Evans is impressive in his takedowns, but also has heavy-handed power.

Nogueira knows that he must train for all aspects of the fight game for this bout, as Evans is a very well-rounded fighter to be sure. Nogueira admits he has had trouble with wrestlers who forced him up against the cage in the past, and has been training extensively to combat this. 

Lil Nog has a mountain to climb on Saturday night, in a bout that he has long been looking forward to. Who is your pick to win this weekend?

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    • grapplure

      he beat overeem twice, tito, and henderson. and has a record of 20-5 !!!

      i guess you had a bad day hate…

      • Akordas

        Your mouth haven't spit Kazushi Sakuraba name!!!!

      • azzkika

        hacker alert. Someone with brains has hacked OMCP's account. Actually cancel the alert. Let's hope OMCP doesn't notice.

    • Entity

      Are you having a bad day Hateo?

  • hatch1921

    Don't hold back Hateocracy…. let us know how you really feel.

    I think Evans will take this one… maybe even out striking him.



      So what you brothaz is telling me is that i need to do some Youtubing or find some old PRIDE dvd at the 99cent store to verify this shit because this couldnt of happened in the last 5 years

      • Entity

        Not really, he just deserves a little respect, that's all. By the way, if you see all his past fights while you're in the 99 cent store buy it for me, I'll pay you. 8))

  • Brian Cox

    I hope that includes being ready for a loss.

    The way Rashad shoved around Phil Davis, I doubt there's anyone that could beat Evans @ 205, with the exception of Jones and maybe (still) Machida.

    Big Nog is just too "old school" to beat Evans, IMO. I'd give him a puncher's chance, at best.

    • grapplure

      nog is a warrior, he wont quit. but i agree he will be tossed around by evans

      • Entity

        Are you schizophrenic OMR? Cause I am too, and so am I.

        • grapplure

          i didnt get the joke entity

          • Entity

            Im just messin with ya, sometimes you say something and Im like Whaaaat? Then you say something later that I totally agree with, thats all, not trying to mean or anything.

          • Brian Cox

            @ OMR

            It's a funny joke. It happens to be one of Entity's favorites.

            I think what Entity is saying is that you are considerably less, shall we say, controversial, these days.

            OMR, have you not noticed that your "weaked" count has dropped off the radar? No longer do you seem to get 100 "weaks" per post. Heck man, you haven't had your vote total box color red with a flame over it, in ages.

            Hence, Entity's schizophrenia joke. It's like, good OMR vs. evil OMR.

          • grapplure

            @mma truth @entity

            i get it now lol

            trying to contribute now, instead of just being an obnoxious spoiled mma fan

          • Brian Cox

            @ All LowKick Members…OMR has had an epiphany, perhaps even Revelation.

            No…it's been noticed, man. Trust me. LOL!! :-)

            Doesn't it feel oddly, nice? LOL!! No longer loathed and hated by all. I mean we all have our own personal haters, but man…you took it to another level, dude. LOL!!

          • rabble

            Now we wait for Hateo to change his ways.

          • Entity

            Hateo and I used to have all out wars lol. Now we share ammunition. 8))

        • IChokePeople

          @Entity, that's MPD not schizophrenia.

  •'em%20Sock'em Rock’em Sock’em

    I just can't seem to care much when Lil Nog is fighting. I know him and his big bro are legends in the sport but when I hear he's fighting I'm like…meh.

    I'll be watching to see where Rashad is at and what he decides to do after this fight.

    I'm still interested in seeing him go to Middle weight.

  • DG1

    Lil Nog may have extensive technical abilities and would be considered superior on the ground. He would do well to maintain distance from the cage and dictate where the fight takes place – in the center of the cage. If Evans is forcing him back toward the cage, Nog would pull guard and take the fight to the ground.

    • grapplure

      @dg1 a submission by nog would be awsome!

  • oalemadi

    Well get ready to get KTFO!!!!

  • azzkika

    I hope if Evans wins he calls out Silva.