MMA and UFC star Vitor Belfort has always been known for his fast hands and devastating knockout power in the cage. The 35-year-old Brazilian MMA veteran has competed under the UFC, Cage Rage, Pride, Affliction and Strikeforce banners and is the proud owner of 15 knockout victories in 22 wins spanning a 17-year MMA career.

More recently though, Belfort has been in the news for different reasons. It is well documented that Belfort has, in the past, failed drug tests due to elevated testosterone levels and it has emerged in recent news stories that Belfort has received a TRT exemption. This means that he is allowed to compete while using TRT, right? NSAC Commissioner Keith Kizer doesn't seem to think so. Here is what Kizer had to say about the subject:

"I don't see Vitor Belfort getting a TRT exemption from us. I really don't. And I feel kind of bad for him in some ways because he has learned from his mistakes and now he's trying to do it the right way and his levels are low with the treatment. Good for him, and I hope he is doing that. The rules are the rules and you have to draw the line somewhere."

Since losing to Anderson Silva by spectacular front kick TKO back in 2011 at UFC 126,Belfort has gone 3-1 with the loss coming to current light-heavyweight king-pin Jon Jones. Most recently Vitor steamrolled Michael Bisping with a vicious kick of his own at UFC on FX 7  this January.

It seems that Belfort’s earlier infractions may be costing him towards the end of his decorated MMA career. But is it really fair for the NSAC to judge him on his past discrepancies? Should he be given a second chance? I, for one, feel that this whole TRT situation is getting out of hand and that we need a regulating body separate from the UFC and NSAC to deal purely with TRT and steroid related issues. That’s my opinion, what's yours Lowkick community?

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