Khabib Nurmagomedov Aims To Return This Autumn Unless He Gets Shot At...

Khabib Nurmagomedov Aims To Return This Autumn Unless He Gets Shot At Anthony Pettis


Following his sixth straight win in the UFC’s lightweight division, undefeated AKA product Khabib Nurmagomedov has his sights set on his next fight and if all goes his way, Anthony Pettis will be his next opponent.

On Saturday, Nurmagomedov shutdown one of the best fighters at 155 pounds in Rafael Dos Anjos and he did so with relative ease. The win pushed “The Eagle” to No. 5 in the official UFC rankings and was a lot more straight forward than most people had imagined.

Prior to the bout, Dos Anjos was looking unstoppable, winning his last five straight which included wins over the likes of Donald Cerrone and Evan Dunham. But, he was no match for Nurmagomedov who totally dominated him for fifteen minutes to take a unanimous decision.

With the victory Nurmagomedov is now on the longest win streak in the UFC’s lightweight division and he hopes his current record is enough to grant him the next shot at a UFC title. If it isn’t enough the 25-year old plans on returning around August, where he has three possible opponents in mind:

“If they do not announce me as the next challenger for the title, then my next fight will likely take place in the autumn.

I do not know who my opponent will be. I will eventually get them all. If the situation will develop in this way, then I would gladly take a fight against Donald Cerrone, Nate Diaz or TJ Grant, but the last word is for the UFC.” Nurmagomedov told

It’s unlikely Nurmagomedov will receive the next shot at Pettis with the champion set to begin coaching TUF 20 against rival coach Gilbert Melendez, who he is expected to fight later in the year.

But, the other fights are all possible. However, it’s unlikely he would get Diaz given his current run, being 1-2 in his last three fights. A bout against Cerrone would make sense, “Cowboy” also fought on Saturday against Edson Barboza and picked up his third straight win in the division. For me, a fight against Grant makes the most sense.

The Canadian has tore through the lightweight division since dropping down from 170 pounds and if it wasn’t for his long layoff with concussion, he would almost certainly be next in line for the belt.

But a bout with Nurmagomedov would all depend on whether he could even make the fight. Grant has been out of action for almost a year now and it isn’t known how long his recovery will take.

Who do you think Nurmagomedov should get for his next fight?

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  • soiWANNABEafighter

    Ok I know mma math doesn't work – but still I think it is remarkable that Tito Ortiz (1-1-4 at that point) was 1 win away from a title shot elimination bout before fighting Rashad at UFC 133. Khabib Nurmagomedov needs 6 straight wins + a record of 22-0-0 to be considered a contender. What does that tell us?

    • TheXperience

      The thing that matters is who you beat and more importantly "where" you beat them. His record is 22-0 but 16 of those were not in the UFC and in the UFC he didn't fight any of the top guys til Dos Anjos. Now that he beat him, he's on a fasttrack to a title shot. A shot i don't think he deserves until he beats either Bendo or Melendez. The best thing the UFC can do is match him up with Bendo (if he wins his next fight).

      • akieyugames

        Na-ah, the thing that matters is if you can sell fights, Bring in the money, and Dana will be happy to give you a slight push towards a title shot.

        • TheXperience

          If you finish fights —> You sell fights!

  • Mike Drahota

    That's a good point my friend. You sell, you get the big fights. You fight with a grappling style, they'll make you wait until there is absolutely no other choice but to give you a title shot.

    I'm guessing Khabib still has at least two or three wins before he gets his. That would mean Pettis would have to defend the belt around three or four times if he's still champion, so that could take five years.

    In the meantime, he had better beat Diaz, Grant, and anyone else they give him, and he could definitely use a finish along the way. Lightweight is a mess.

    Khabib is ultra-talented, but I'm starting to get the impression that he's not the kind of fighter the UFC likes to promote.

    • TheXperience

      Another thing is.. even though he is an extremely gifted fighter… he won his last 3 by decision. He needs to start finishing more fights. Cause that's all everyone remembers him by, his decision wins. No matter how dominant the performance was. His last finish is so long ago i don't even remember it. I totally forgot he KO'd Tavares.

  • Brasil

    @theXP…very nice theory but how come Gina Carano will get a title shot…who did she beat and where did she do it?? Money Baby…all about the cash!

    • soiWANNABEafighter

      Yes man you are right in theory – but in practice: Her name is Gina Carano – please use google pictures. Any more questions? 😉

    • TheXperience

      Cause Gina Carano is a pioneer of the sport. She's WMMA royalty and opened all the doors Ronda and every other WMMA fighter is walking through today.

      Before Ronda she was the face of WMMA. She was so big that even when she stopped fighting, she was STILL the face of WMMA for years, until Ronda showed up.

      She was a dominant champ and no, it was not in the UFC, but the UFC did not have a womens division at the time. Sure, it's a HUGE ppv for the UFC to make that fight, but outside of that. If anyone should be an exception to the rule, it should be Gina.

  • DesiredUsername

    This guy might be a bad match up for Pettis. He could very well do to Pettis what Clay Guida did (khabib has better take downs and better top control).
    But then again, show time is always getting better, especially his grappling.

    • TheXperience

      Yeah i was thinking about that… but since the fight with Guida he's been training with Ben Askren and if there's 1 training partner you want to improve your wrestling and to overcome some of these wrestlers smothering style, it's Askren cause he's the KING of that shit!