Khabib Nurmagomedov: I’ll Fight Both Melendez and Diaz At The Same Time

Khabib Nurmagomedov: I’ll Fight Both Melendez and Diaz At The Same Time


Undefeated Khabib Nurmagomedov has been struggling to get a fight booked in the UFC’s packed lightweight division.

He has been lines up to fight two top contenders in Nate Diaz and his trainer partner Gilbert Melendez, but both fight have failed to materialise.

White has put this down to “nobody” wanting to fight fight him, but he received critiscm for his comments from Diaz who said he and the UFC were full of s**t. Still “The Eagle” remains unbooked for his next fight.

Yesterdays the Russian fighter appeared on The MMA Hour, with his manager who helped translate; Sam Kardan. When speaking about Melendez and Diaz’s inability to agree on a contract, Nurmagomedov said they need to sort things out because he’s ready to fight them.

“I guess Melendez and Diaz need to work things out with the UFC. I’m ready, I’m working out. I’m in top shape. I’m ready fight. It’s been about four months since my last fight with (Pat) Healy. I’m ready, they need to work things out.” Nurmagomedov said.

“The Eagle” also gave his thoughts on the UFC presidents claims that nobody wanted to fight him.

“I wouldn’t go so far as to say that everyone is afraid to fight me. I know that Dana White said that the elite of the lightweight division is afraid to fight me. I guess they don’t want to lose to someone like myself who’s not as famous or not as popular as they are.”

He may not be as “famous” or as “popular” as the rest of the divisions elite, but he is certainly as skilled and as talented as anybody in the top 5.

Nurmagomedov has an immaculate professional MMA record of 21-0; which includes five fights in the UFC. In his last fight at UFC 165, “The Eagle” battered MMA vet Pat Healy en route to a unanimous decision win.

Stil, Nurmagomedov believes nobody wants to fight him because he doesn’t have a big name. However, he says he will take both Diaz and Melendez on at once.

“I understand that it’s going to be a tough fight for them. I don’t have as much of a name in the US right now as they do, so a loss to someone like myself with definitely set them back. So, I do get that. I do get the business aspect of it, but I do think they should fight. If they say they are willing to fight the best, they should fight the best. If they want, I’ll take them both at once in the cage.”

Confident words from Nurmagomedov, but why wouldn’t he be confident? He’s on a roll right now and has look outstanding since joking the UFC.

“The Eagle” finished with a message for the two Cesar Gracie fighters; saying if they accept a fight he won’t hit them hard.

“This message is for Nate and Melendez, if you take the fight I won’t hit you hard, I’ll just wrestle you.”

I can’t wait for Diaz’s response.


Photo: Don McPeak for USA TODAY Sports

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  • Metatron

    Thanks for posting, Buster. Nice quick read. Entertaining, too.

    • purinho

      Please, write something else besides how the article is, looking for a jo at Lowkick and ****** *****? Eathrway I belive you have something alse to say other than that.

    • David Saucier

      I'll fight them both too just give me a couple land mines and a sling shot

  • watermelon fresh

    Sorry – But I don't see Diaz losing and Melendez definitely not.

    • purinho

      I see Diaz losing, Melendez has a better chance, but the Russian is for real.

    • TheXperience

      Really?… i don't see Diaz winning AT ALL… Melendez is another story but i most def. see Khabib dominating Diaz and i actually like him in the Melendez fight too.

    • IGMBurninPiff

      Diaz vs Khabib would be a suplexfest Diaz has 0% shot, I think Melendez would be a good fight and a telling fight about both of them.

    • Bruce Lee

      I agree with the guys above – Nurmagomedov is for real.

  • blackdiesel

    Nurmagomedov turned down a fight with Michael Johnson because he was ranked lower than him now he's whinning because fighters ranked above him don't want to fight him?

    • TheXperience

      The difference is… Khabib has options.. 2 fighters that are ranked higher. If all the fighters ranked higher than him were *******, that would be something else but they're not! So him turning down M.J. makes perfect sense. Diaz already said he's ready and would fight Khabib, so i wonder why it's taking so long to make that official!

      • blackdiesel

        Diaz wants more money for a short notice fight and Melendez has a later target date to fight. Since they're unavailable, Nurmagomedov should take the fight with Johnson. After all, Diaz nor Melendez don't have to bend over backwards to meet his wants.

  • GoldenBibi

    He should fight Michael Johnson who are both still trying to make a big name for themselves. Why can he say no, and Diaz can't… Nate is only asking more money to take this fight.. Last fight even Maynard made more money then him. UFC couldn't even make that fight a 5 rounder… I't's also amazing how people think this fight would be like Diaz vs Rory at 170… Not even close…I see Nate destroying him where ever the fight goes… Gilbert would also whoop him big time.

    • TheXperience

      Diaz can't because there are no other options for Diaz at the moment. Everyone else is ******* other than Melendez and he won't fight Melendez. Khabib is the only other fighter available that's ranked. On the other hand Khabib does have options, there's Diaz and Melendez and both are showcasing signs of that good ol Puss-Syndrome! That's the big difference here…

      • TheXperience

        seriously? t-i-e-d u-p censored?? smfh!

        When are we doing something about this guys??? Lol

  • Entity

    So, Normangoomeadofenhoffe can beat them at the same time huh?

    • Entity

      I could whoop him with both his hands ties behind his back.

  • akieyugames

    Fcuking Russians!! I would love to see him…whatever his name is, throw a beatdown on Diaz, and I would bet on Stalin's son against Melendez too. Fcuking Russians are invading!