Karyn Bryant of “MMA Heat” posed her 3 questions for UFC 162, so let’s kick them around.

Question 1: How effective are Chris Weidman’s takedowns going to be?

Weidman’s TD accuracy is (roughly) 70%, where Silva’s TD defense is 80%. Effectively, Silva is about as good at stopping takedowns, as Weidman is in getting them. However, if we only look at Silva’s TD defence against Sonnen (an accomplished wrestler) the numbers go down considerably.

In their two meetings, Sonnen went 4 for 8 in his attempts and dominated Silva when he got the takedowns.

So, my answer to Ms. Bryant’s questions would be that I expect Chris to be as successful or more successful, then Sonnen was and to do more with the takedown(s). I expect Weidman will be able to control Silva on the ground, prevent him from getting back up and can either submit or TKO the Champion on the ground.  

Question 2:  If you were Frankie Edgar and you lose a 4th fight in a row, what do you do?

The better question might be what will Dana White do? I think the UFC would be silly to cut him, but these days we shouldn’t be shocked if he is cut, but to the question at hand, if I was Frankie Edgar and I lost I’d go back to the gym and add a substantial kicking game to my arsenal. Of course the sad part of this debate is that I firmly believe he won both of his fights with Ben Henderson (certainly the second) and resultantly, should still be defending a / his belt at 155.

Question 3: Who is a bigger threat at 145, Cub Swanson or Denis Siver?

For me, I’ll take Cub Swanson. I think both are very solid fighters and both possess power, but I think Swanson has the (much) better boxing and footwork. That said, I give the nod to Siver in the kicking game, but I think Swanson overall is a bigger threat.

So, how would you answer Karyn’s questions?