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Junior Dos Santos discusses Mark Hunt and Alistair Overeem


Junior dos Santos will face off against Mark Hunt, at UFC 160, and the world will be watching to see if ‘The Super Samoan’ can pull off the upset. The former champion, Dos Santos, will look to put his name straight back in to the title mix.

‘Cigano’ has been hungry for a fight since his UFC 155 loss to Cain Velasquez. Many fans were excited to hear that JDS would square off against Alistair ‘The Demolition Man’ Overeem, but even more excited to learn that Hunt will replaced the injured Reem.

Junior, it would seem, is not to impressed by Overeem’s actions of late. Here is what the Brazilian slugger had to say to Tatame.com:

“I do not pick opponents, so for me it doesn’t matter who is the guy I will face. I just need to know a time before to prepare for this opponent. When Overeem jumped out, UFC found another fighter because I can not wait for the fight. [Overeem] is not champion, is nothing. If he was a champion, I would still hold on.”                                    

“I admire Mark Hunt very much for having accepted the fight, since he just fought. I admire and appreciate, because I want to fight on May 25 and it will happen thanks to him. Mark is a very tough guy, beating strong. I have to be very careful. He has been champion in K-1, faced the best in the world and won exchanges. I think [Overeem] is a joke. He is a big guy who is talking a lot of nonsense. I have nothing to do with him, he can follow his career and do what he thinks is best. I’ll follow mine and if one day we are bumping and he does not have any problem, we fight.”

Judging by Junior’s words, it looks like the former champion has respect for Hunt’s striking. Does this mean that the K-1 champion may have to work on his ground game and takedown defense a bit more? 

Whatever the case I know I will be tuning in to watch two of my favorite sluggers battle it out, in a highly anticipated, number one title contender match. Who is your pick? Comments, as always, are welcome and stay tuned for more pre UFC 160 coverage!

  • "…if one day we are bumping" Does he mean like in da' club?

  • he knows what he's talkin about. hun t is a tuff guy. overreem way overrated.

  • Anyone who doesn't take Mark seriously, certainly by now, would need his head read. JDS, obviously, is not one of those guys. If any of those guys even still exist.

    Mark can KO / TKO anyone. Even his ground game has shown improvement, as well as his TDD. As good as Jr. is, he has demonstrated an inability to finish really tough fighters. Big Country and Shane Carwin being the examples. Mark Hunt, if anything, is a tough guy. If JDS can't put him away, as he couldn't finish either Nelson or Carwin, Mark just might end up walking right through Jr. power and give him a taste of Samoan resistance and few, these days, seem to be surviving it.

    I like JDS and have a great deal of respect for him, but I'm a Mark Hunt fan and JDS is the last big road-block in Hunt's path on way to a title bout, so, I will continue to pick The Big Samoan and call him in an upset, that no one will think possible or expect.

    War, Mark Hunt!

    All in all, where JDS will be the odds on favorite due to his striking skills, I wouldn't be surprised if he tries to take this fight to the ground and showcase his BJJ skills and try and avoid Hunts stand-up, all together.

  • mark will rip santos head off… and he'll just walk away…

  • Junior has speed and cardio on his side and Mark Hunt always seems exhausted going into the third round, so I see junior picking his shots from the outside, and winning a decision, I just don't think he can knock-out Hunt but he can certainly out-work him. Sometimes you have to win ugly, you can't always have picture perfect finishes unless you're Anderson Silva that is.

  • Lets keep it real here..
    I love jds be he has no offensive bjj whatsoever.(showcased that in all his fights and especially in the Cain 2 fight)
    He will stand and bang with Hunt and due to that,It will be a fun fight , i cannot wait..