We've heard it time and time again. Junior dos Santos has some of the best standup in the UFC, Junior's Boxing is some of the best in division, not many people can stand with Junior, etc.

But the issue with these statements is the lack of proof, in the pudding that Cain Velasquez provided in their last championship bout.

If Dos Santos' boxing is high caliber, then wouldn't being rocked multiple times and outstruck on the feet by Velasquez make him a better boxer? Logic would say so, but one must not forget the unknown elements of mystery within a fight.

Were both fighters healthy? Were both fighters prepared and in good shape? These are questions only the future can tell us really.

An athlete can provide whatever excuses they would like for not performing to the expectations of the crowd and themselves, but if they don't fair better the next time, then they can be considered as doing little more than crying wolf.

Dos Santos' will get his chance however. in fact he claims that he will be one of the few men to knockout Mark Hunt. While I don't doubt the possibility of that statement, it will remain something that I have to see in order to believe.

In an interview with UFC.com Dos Santo's had the following to say regarding his opponent:

"I think I'm better than him, I'm more complete fighter than him. I believe so much in myself and I believe in my skills. I can knock anyone out, and I'm going to knock this guy out. He's very tough; he keeps trying until he knocks the guys out so he's really dangerous. I'm going to stop him; it's over for him. Now he's going to lose."

Hopefully Mark Hunt can clear up his visa and criminal issues so that this fight can happen, because in many ways this is one of the most potentially exciting match ups of the year.

I expect nothing but fireworks, both men's will and determination will be tested in this fight, and I'll be watching to see whether Hunt will shock the world and catapult himself into title contention or Dos Santos bounces back from his one sided beating and validates his recent statements.