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Junior dos Santos and Cain Velasquez Head to Head: Who will win this Saturday?


UFC Heavyweight title is on the line this weekend, as Junior dos Santos and Cain Velasquez lock horns in Las Vegas, Nevada. First fight between the two left a lot of unanswered questions, as both fighters are preparing to prove a point inside the Octagon.

JDS is 9-0 in the UFC, and 15-1 overall. Cain Velasquez comes to this fight with a record of 10-1, with a convincing victory over Antonio Silva at UFC 146. Both fighters share 20 KO/TKO victories out of 25 possible.

So who will win on Saturday night? Here’s the breakdown:

Wrestling: 60-40 Cain

There’s no doubt that Cain Velasquez is one of the best wrestlers currently competing in Mixed Martial Arts. Velasquez is explosive and extremely durable when it comes to keeping his opponents on their back. More than anything, the A.K.A. product showed how fearless he is against bigger and stronger opponents. Yes, JDS is not exactly Antonio Silva when it comes to physique, but I expect Velasquez to go guns blazing against the champ just like he did at UFC 146.

Striking: 65-35 JDS

While Cain Velasquez is the man when it comes takedowns and top control, JDS excels on his feet. I think it’s no secret that Velasquez’s gameplan will include a lot of takedowns and clinching at the fence. It’s just hard to imagine Velasquez going toe-to-toe in stand-up with Junior dos Santos. Yes, Velasquez got tricks of his own, but JDS is really one of the Top 3 strikers in the UFC, alongside Anderson Silva and Jon Jones.

Grappling: 50-50 Draw

Both fighters are not exactly the most decorated grapplers in the UFC Heavyweight division. Yet, JDS’ grappling game is something that could become a deciding factor on Saturday night. If Velasquez is successful in his mission to put the Brazilian heavy-hitter on his back, Junior dos Santos will have no choice but to show how good he is on the ground. I think this is the most intriguing question coming to this fight, since JDS will have to prove he’s a well-rounded Mixed Martial Artist, who can fight back from tough situations.

  • doesnt wrestling go under the grappling category? i would give cain an advantage in wrestling and grappling. jds may have some of the best tdd in the ufc, but by all means u have to give the advantage in wrestling and grappling to cain. u cant really judge in dos santos something u havent seen.

    • oh yeah jds for the W

      • Yeah I agree, the wrestling is a fairly given by Anton but I feel you have to give Cain huge advantage in grappling – once it hits the mat like 90% of the time your only way back up is the bell or being stopped, he has such great ground control and uses it to set up his G&P (see Cain vs. Bigfoot and Lesnar) and his sub defense is outstanding, really we haven't seen a sub attack against him because he doesn't allow it

  • this is a hard one to pick i think i have to give it to JDS, i do admit i might be bias bc i would love to see a "stand up" war between JDS and Overeem for the heavyweight championship

  • Both these fighters have the skill set to beat each other.

    From a psychological perspective JDS has created unnecessary pressure for himself by talking about beating as many records as possible. That is only possible by winning fights – one at a time. Given the nature of the heavy weight decision, a well timed and accurate strike with over a 100 kilos of weight behind it is enough to knock anyone out, (apart from Roy)…

    Because this fight could go anyway, I'm going to go with Cain, based on the fact that his sole goal is to win the fight and resultantly become champion (again). JDS on the other hand has already looked past this fight – potentially big mistake.

    • Nice to see you really trying to figure it out but I think your just looking to much in to it. Most of these answers about the future fighters give is because they're asked it and if not asked they're probably just wanting to say something different for a change rather than the same thing they just said in the last 10 interviews.
      Don't worry about JDS overlooking anyone, he isn't.
      If it was up to the fighters 99% of them would not want to talk about anything and would rather just train for their current fight,

  • What happens if Cain loses? No possible rematch, no other contender except Overeem. A jds loss would be perfect, first of all because there would be a rematch and it could let the heavyweight division some time to let more contenders emerge. For the ufc this is the best scenario but personally I really want to see Dos Santos win this fight.

    • That's what I think too bud, if Cain loses what is he going to do? He will destroy everyone else in the HW division with the only tough fighter being Overeem.
      So if he loses he'll be in a very tough and awkward position.

      Personally if JDS wins again I would like to see a rubber match down the line, Cain improves so drastically every fight that give him 3 or 4 fights against top competition and JDS will be fighting a different beast in their 3rd fight.

  • I think JDS's speed surprised Cain last fight. If he gets past first minute jitters and IF he can score a take down I give it to Cain. Info takedown then it will be a long / short night for Cain.

    Overall – Cain for the win via GSP.

    • "Info" = if no.

      Damn I hate posting from an iPhone.

    • @Michael Stephensen….You mean "Cain for the win via Ground n Pound not by GSP?

    • Are you implying that Cain will dominate JDS the way that GSP forces his will on his opponents? JDS will not stay on the mat for long, Cain needs to look out for that vicious uppercut coming his way as he shoots in, imo.
      Both guys are great and I can't wait to see this fight.

    • @ Michael

      I'm wondering how Cain might get JDS down, when a wrestler the caliber of Carwin couldn't and was even taken-down himself, by The Champ.

      I'll keep saying it, I think a wrestling strategy is the wrong one for Cain. LowKIck, LowKick, LowKick…repeat process. However, from the Count-Down show, it looks like wrestling is the game plan. Personally, I think he should have worked of the assumption that he couldn't take him down and build the game plan around that.

      • @Truth I wouldn't put Carwin and Cain down as the same level of wrestler, not even close. They are both NCAA All-American wrestlers but there is a huge difference between D-1 and D-2 wrestling.

        The thing I always go back to is if Cain can take down Brock, he can take down JDS. You're right though, it won't be easy.

  • @whoever weaked my comment,

    What's it based on? I practice psychology for a living, so if someone wants to take a position, then bring it on.

    • I replied to your comment but also you need to remember while the mental side of things are important to a fight, in this sport more than any the physical side can change the outcome so easily and randomly.
      JDS could take the last month off training and not focus on the fight at all and Cain could be int he best shape of his life, yet JDS could still KO Cain in the third round if he lands that special shot.
      The problem is, Junior specifies in landing that perfect punch and he is also training for the fight of his life.

  • The only thing I disagree with is the grappling. JDS hit the ground for about 5 seconds against Shane Carwin and was locked in a choke. I think that Cains wrestling will also give him a grappling advantage. Remember, position is the most important thing. If Cain controls position he will be able to out grapple JDS. All that aside I think Junior has a slight edge in this fight. Cain can win this. If he can control where the fight happens he will win. I don't think he will be able to do this long enough to win. I think JDS will spend some time on his back but will keep it standing long enough to get a 3rd round TKO.

  • Picking JDS, but Cain could beat him. It's not a lock. If CV comes out and employs the moniker of this website and LowKicks' the champ to death, he could be successful. The Champ is susceptible to it. Twenty or thirty of those and we might see a different outcome.

    Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock…unless Paper disproves Spock, JDS Round 1 TKO.

    • You could be on to something with the lowkick approach but I tink he needs to mix in a lot of TDs to throw JDS off and even do some good damage and get points with the ground work.

  • JDS, when you have a fight and then the same two guys fight again its called a rematch, just throwing that out there. I will make my prediction for the fight. Cain by ref stoppage in the fourth round.

  • Probably the hardest match up to call of the entire year, just like it was last year.
    I think Cain will win if he gets out of the second, maybe if he only survives the first.

    Insiders at AKA say the secret about Cain is in sparring he gets hit a lot in the first, doesn't use much head movement and take a while to get going. In the second he starts slipping well and avoiding damage while putting up his pace. In the third round he is virtually untouchable and unstoppable.
    Combine this with his off the charts cardio, well it looks like if Cain can drag this fight out then he improves his chances astronomically.

    As MMA Truth noted, implementing a lot of Lowkicks is a great way to win for Cain but I think he needs to keep firing off those TDs and even if not getting them, just put JDS off balance and less aggressive.

    The thing I always go back to is if Cain can take Brock down the he can take anyone down, and another thing is if Cain can get a hold of Junior's leg like Mir did at the start of their fight then Cain will 100% get the TD.
    Cain can win put he just needs to be very very careful in the first and not let JDS get in to his groove or at least survive the first.

    That is my opinion on how and if Cain will win, for JDS it is very very simple. Stuff the TDs, avoid the clinch and keep it at boxing range so he can fire of his combos, throw haymakers and can counter the kicks… do this for the entire fight.

    I was originally picking JDS but after my breakdown of the fight, I think I am going to have to pick Cain to get avenge his lone defeat and beat Junior by 4th round TKO with G&P (similar to Brock finish).

    • Damn, didn't realise i wrote so much. Sorry guys!

    • No… say it ain't so, I actually disagree with Keith. Although my fight prognostication skills average 50/50 at best, I see JDS taking Cain out early again. Just watched the first fight again and JDS was so fast he actually made Cain look slow. Don't know what Cain can do about that except keep JDS on the mat. Unfortunately, he'll have to catch him first and I don't see that happening either. At any rate, can't wait to see the fight.