Josh “The Punk” Thomson Wants Pettis

Josh “The Punk” Thomson Wants Pettis


Josh “The Punk” Thomson is back in the UFC and with a win. Having been in the “big show” back in 2004 and with limited success, Josh was cut and set adrift in the MMA seas. In the ensuing years, the Punk went 12 & 4 and earned his way back to the UFC, garnering his first win (via TKO) over Nat Diaz, back in April (UFC Fox 7).

As Josh sees it right now and as he told “BJ”, Anthony Pettis is next on his list.

Regarding “Showtime’s” moving down in weight and coming back up to 155 in an effort to fight Ben Henderson for the title, the Punk stated:

“I understand why he feels he deserves to be right there and next in line for a title shot. He’s kind of been looked over and passed over a couple of times. Ya know, he was supposed to get the title shot too when he first came into the UFC and he ended up getting injured and he ended up taking the fight with Clay Guida and lost and then set himself back. So, I understand where he’s coming from, but I can’t let his drama and all that stuff that goes on with him, set me away from what my goals are. My goal is to be champion.”

 In terms of how he feels about “Showtime” Josh remarked:

“There’s no disrespect or whatever, but I’m the only thing really standing between him and the title shot and I’m not just about to roll over for him, just so he can get it. I understand why he went to 45. I understand why he came back up to 55, but I really don’t care…all I care about is that him and I need to fight.”

Thomson said he would look forward to a fight with Pettis, because Anthony is a lot like Gilbert Melendez, in that he’s exciting and “will bring the fight”. He also said that if Pettis had gotten the Henderson fight, that he’d be calling out T.J. Grant.

Simply put, Thomson is focused and on a mission and that mission is a title shot and his intent is to remove any and all obstacles that stand in his way.   

He closed out by saying that he’s glad to be back in the UFC and that it’s a different “species” from other MMA promotions and that he will end his career in the promotion and “hopefully” with the 155 belt. As his 35th birthday soon approaches, one can understand his sense of urgency regarding accomplishing his goals.

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  • akieyugames

    Josh who?

    • OperationCWAL

      Josh koscheck?

    • brahhnsowce

      Bet you feel a bit silly now ; )

  • cfcy

    Josh who? Really akieyugames? You clearly
    Are not an mma fan…

  • Akordas

    Nice fight between 2 current and former champion killers….

  • brahhnsowce

    Lol at these people like "Josh who?" This guy's fights with Gil back at Strikeforce were nothing short of Epic, he's a complete fighter… Try not to be so ignorant before speaking, it's embarrassing ; )

  • IChokePeople

    I love the idea of this fight. I really hope it happens and that the winner gets a title shot. Josh KOing Diaz is enough in my book to put him in line for a #1 contender fight and I don't think anyone would argue with Pettis getting a contender match. Make it happen Joe.

  • thexperience1

    Pettis should fight Bendo… he's already the #1 contender, so this fight doesn't make sense to me at all. Fun fight? Sure… !! just doesn't make sense right now…

    • IChokePeople

      Really? Pettis's last win was over Cerrone. That is the guy Diaz beat to get a #1 contender fight. Thomson just beat Diaz one fight off of his title shot. Before that their records don't look that different. How does Pettis fighting Benson make more sense than his fighting Josh or Josh fighting Benson for that matter?