Josh Rosenthal Off To Jail

Josh Rosenthal Off To Jail


One of MMA’s best referees (ranked #5 by “Cage Potato”) is headed to jail for 37 months.

Rosenthal was busted in a Federal raid in 2012 and was charged with conspiracy to manufacture and distribute, as well as possession with intent to distribute, a controlled substance; marijuana.

Rosenthal plead guilty to possession of 1300 marijuana plants (estimated value 6 million dollars) in April of this year and today, felt the stiff hand of the law for doing so. His 3 year sentence was bolstered further by an additional 3 years’ probation and a $100 fine.

His sentencing marks the second time in as many months, where someone associated with the UFC (previously or otherwise) has been sentenced as a result of drug trafficking.

Last month former UFC fighter Paul Kelly received a harsh sentence from British justice, when he was found guilty of heroin trafficking and sentenced to 13 years in jail.

In a week that Dana White has chosen to kick-off by questioning fighter bonuses and whether or not they should be scrapped and the funds dispersed throughout a card and all in a knee-jerk (and childish) response to growing criticism about fighter pay, one has to ask is this a good thing or a bad thing that UFC connected people are going to jail for, what is, an attempt at augmenting their income(s)?

As the old saying goes “ya gotta do, what ya gotta do” and where I do not agree with dealing narcotics as the answer to bolstering inadequate income(s), I do, however, see it for what it is, which is a weathervane. Something is not right with the compensation being paid to those that make the machine run. Regardless of whether or not it’s fighters or referees dealing drugs, Jason Miller having to pay for his own knee surgery (post a bout) or the numerous signed UFC fighters who “must” have a second job in order to make ends meet, something is definitely wrong with the money being doled out by the UFC.

The Fertittas’, White and a “few” fighters are getting fabulously wealthy, yet the supporting cast seems to be going hungry and where the argument in defense of the status quo is…if you win you earn…we all know that there can only be a few winners that benefit from such a criteria. The rest, apparently, must do things other than MMA in order to keep their chins down and hands up in the UFC’s Octagon.   

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  • ImmaBoss

    well maybe if Josh Rosenthal was paid adequately he woulnt of had to run a drug business. As things have been going on lately don't be shocked to learn that some of your favorite fighters are hired hit-men as there second profession to support there families lol

    • Brian Cox

      Imma…you jest for sure, but if Paul Kelly is dealing heroin, how far off might we be from "whacking" a guy? Rosenthal the same. It is the drug business and we're talking about a great deal of money. I've seen murder cases on the "First 48" (a show about "real" homicide squads) countless times and for less than 6 million dollars or turf.

      Let us hope that you are not a see-er of things to come.

    • TheRealDeal

      That's it, blame the UFC for this idiot's downfall. Clowns like you are the problem this world has, people who have an excuse and a scapegoat for everything they do wrong.

      • ImmaBoss

        It was a joke for your information, and maybe you stop being so judgmental calling others clowns learn some etiquette on how to address issues with others in a civilized manner You pathetic can't even take a joke, maybe next time ill put "JOKES" at the end of each of my sarcastic comments just so you know its not meant to be taken seriously ok

  • Kevin

    Could have easily been avoidable if Dana would pony up Ref of the Night Bonus's!!

    • Brian Cox




    If Greedy Azz Rosenthal was doing flood n drain 8×4 tables 20 plants under 2 thou-wow lights per table in 6inch rock cubes, coco mat combo using 150gal res between 2 tables, using that expensive overated but sometimes highly effective Advance Nutrients instead of GH….If you have to change each 150 gal water res once a week too accomidate 1300 plants how many gallons of water did he go through each month????

    I get off work in 45 min so hurry up that answer SHAWTY

  • Cookie77

    Was Rosenthal in the movie Warriors?

  • enjoylife321

    Looks like Rosenthal is going from the cage to the cage….

    • Brian Cox


  • Entity

    He'll get tested pretty quick (nature of the beast there) lets just hope he doesnt pull an arm bar and get shanked the first few days.

    • Brian Cox


      I so love the two of you. You always make me laugh. Tonight, back-to-back.

    • Brian Cox

      PS, Entity…You raise an interesting, but subtle point…Josh is going to be doing hard-time. He's in prison, not jail.

      Laughs aside, I hope your witticism proves false.

  • alexz

    mazzagatti:(evil laugh)

  • InfiniteEnigma

    Should have just got licensed to grow out west here , in CO, or WA…frickin Savages.

  • akieyugames

    No worries, knows how to ****-lock.

  • akieyugames


  • HolyGrimace666

    haha 1300 plants valued at 6 million dollars gets you 3 years in jail, additional 3 years probation and a 100 dollar fine haha maybe if they fattened up his fine they would take more time off his sentence.. a typo im sure but im just cracking a joke.

    • Brian Cox

      Holy…I thought the same thing about the fine, but apparently that's what it is. If it was a typo error, then it would have to be a big one…and by a couple or a few, zeros.