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Josh Koscheck: The UFC Is Losing Money At 170 Pounds Because Johny Hendricks Can’t Sell Pay-Per-Views


Former UFC welterweight title challenger Josh Koscheck has been out of action since his knockout loss to current No. 4-ranked contender Tyron Woodley at last November’s UFC 167.

The first round defeat put “Kos” on a three-fight snide after recent title challenger Robbie Lawler finished him in the first round at UFC 157. His previous defeat was a controversial split decision to welterweight champ Johny Hendricks in 2012.

Koscheck is a game fighter who never backs down from a challenge, but at this point you have to wonder if all of the wars have finally caught up to the 36-year-old former NCAA wrestling champion.

Even if they have, that’s probably okay with “Kos.” After all, he’s made a wildly successful career playing the heel, so he knows what sells and what doesn’t. He recently met up with ESPN to discuss his viewpoint that Hendricks will not accomplish that goal, and that’s why former champ Georges St. Pierre will ultimately return to the Octagon:

“I buy [St-Pierre returning before the end of 2014]. He’s got a lot of money, so I don’t think he cares either way. Here’s the reason he’ll fight, though. Even though the UFC and St-Pierre have a little bit of a grudge match going on right now, the UFC is going to suck up its ego and pay St-Pierre to come back.

The UFC is losing money at 170 pounds because Johny Hendricks isn’t going to sell pay-per-views. We know that. GSP is the pay-per-view king. The UFC will offer him something to come back and fight again. I can guarantee you that. It’s all about the money.” – via Bloody Elbow

There’s not much debate that it’s all about the money, just like a lot of things in life. Fans are beginning to question the UFC’s jam-packed 2014 schedule with a bevy of champions and top-level pay-per-view draws on the sideline, so the UFC could use every big name they can pencil in.

And “GSP” is the biggest.

However, he’s sticking firm to his stance that several things would have to change before he does return, and he’s also enjoying the time off from training to deal with his still-undisclosed personal problems.

With St. Pierre uncertain to return, his former nemesis Nick Diaz has taken the opportunity to call out for a title shot despite two straight losses with UFC 170-pound gold on the line. Koscheck spoke out against Diaz’ plea, calling the whole thing ridiculous:

“How in the hell would they give Nick Diaz a title fight coming off two losses in a row? I should fight for the title if that’s the case. You question the sport if things like that happen. That doesn’t look good for the sport if Diaz is next in line for the title. Rory MacDonald, Tyron Woodley – those are good candidates for being next in line for the title.”

Koscheck makes a good point in questioning the legitimacy of the UFC if a fighter on a two-fight losing streak who’s been out of action for over a year can talk his way into a title shot. But, Koscheck also made a lot of money running his mouth, and Diaz does the exact same. He’ll sell more buys than any of the top contenders.

Do you agree with “Kos’s” view that the UFC will find a way to get St. Pierre to return?

  • Agree 100% not just kissing ass haha

    • A fight I would love to see is MacDonald vs Diaz. The build up being revenge for the beating he handed to Nate.

  • Koscheck is a retard, in one sentence saying UFC is losing money because of lack of PPV sales because GSP is done. Then saying Diaz shouldn't get a title shot when he is the next biggest PPV draw in the division. Make your mind up koscheck. By rights Diaz doesn't deserve a title shot but he is the next biggest draw at welterweight. You can't complain about lacking PPV sales than say the biggest draw they have shouldnt get a title fight. I understand the point he is trying to make but he's going about it the wrong way.

    • He maybe the next biggest draw that did nothing to earn, it. GSP is the PPV King and earned his title and shots.Thats the difference. WW is the most exciting I can remember but he's right it can't lost the ,whole country of Canada and still compete for ratings plus GSP was a, favorite everywhere

  • Why hasn't Kos retired or been cut yet? Because now I have no problem paying to see him get knocked out.

  • Whatever you think of Kos, when he's not putting on an act to hype a fight or get a fight he makes some good points.

  • I would love to see Kos vs Diaz!!!!!

    • oh man, imagine all the trashtalk leading to the fight.

    • Have they fought before? Cause I agree with you I Would love to see that fight..

  • if anyone understands the business of promotion and making money its Josh Koscheck…Josh Koscheck is definetly privy to the sweetners offered by the UFC so he could only imagine how much the ufc would go to get GSP back. If GSP came back on a ten fight contract that could be as much as 300-500 million in future PPV buys worldwide. One PPV alone can gross over 50 million with close to 1 million buys.