Josh Koscheck stood his third consecutive loss last night as he went down in a round one, KO defeat, to Tyron Woodley at UFC 167.

Given that he’s only won two fights out of his last six, it appears that Koscheck may now have retirement on his mind.

As such and post his loss to Woodley last night, Koscheck sent a lengthy text to UFC President Dana White that left the promoter with the impression Koscheck was packing it in as a professional fighter.

When asked about Koscheck’s possible retirement, White stated that he thought discussion of it was a “little premature” and that he wanted to “talk” to Kos before any final decisions were made.

In listening to his comments regarding Josh, it’s obvious that White has a great deal of respect and affection for the fighter, and that he doesn’t appear to have any intentions of cutting Kos.

As White stated:  

“I still think Josh is one of the most talented guys out there…I love Koscheck. I love that kid. I love the way he fights. I love his attitude. The guy gets booed out of the arena every time he comes in, but he still goes in and fights his *** off and he’s a tough kid. When you’re standing in the Octagon and you’re looking across and Josh is standing there you know you’re in for a fight.”

When the question of cutting Josh was directly put to him and the issue raised, that most fighters who lose three in a row generally get cut, White didn’t seem to care much and if it looks as if the decision to stay or go is being left up to Koscheck, then so be it.   

As White put it, “People are going to say what they’re going to say. I’ve got a soft-spot for the season one (TUF) guys.”

With that, it appears that the 35 year old fighter (36 on November 30th) has his own fate in his hands and if he wants to stay with the UFC and continue fighting, that he’s more than welcome to do so.

All of this should be good news to Koscheck’s fans and hopefully with a clear head and a few days or weeks removed from his most recent loss, Kos will reconsider his retirement.