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Josh Barnett’s fighter profile appears on UFC.com


Many a fight fan were disappointed to see “The Warmaster” Josh Barnett left off  the list of Strikeforce fighters making the move to the Octagon, myself included. However, new light shines today as Barnett has already shown up on UFC.com with a fighter profile.

It has become common knowledge that Barnett makes $250,000 per fight, and speculation ran wild that Dana White would most likely not be willing to pay this fee. Barnett fueled the fire by repeatedly stating that he serves no master.

He also has nothing but a checkered past with the UFC, having the Heavyweight title belt stripped from him after failing a steroids test and engaging in a well-known contract dispute.

But today, his UFC profile would seem to open the gateways to a new stint with the UFC. Nothing official has been announced, and it remains unclear exactly why Barnett’s profile has become available. He is not signed by the UFC in any capacity as of today. There’s no doubt that the experienced and brutal submissions expert could shake up the highest division in all of MMA.

With at least a couple of effective years left to fight, I would definitely enjoy seeing Barnett make his return to the UFC Octagon. He stayed out of trouble during his four fight Strikeforce career. Barnett may not get back to title contender status, but he could give some of the top UFC Heavies a run for their money. What do you make of his profile appearance on the UFC website?

  • I just checked the heavyweight division roster and his name is not there… :/

    • It's right here, the link above in the article: http://www.ufc.com/fighter/Josh-Barnett

      • When you search, there is all kinds of former UFC fighters including Frank Shamrock that come up. If you look at the currnt UFC roster, he won't be there.

    • I wonder why Bellator wasn't interested in enlisting an elite HW name like Barnett…Their HW roster is quite pitiful, though…GREAT addition to the UFC. He'll smash many, but he will never be a champ in my humble opinion…The HW is way more exciting and competitive than back in the jaded era when Tim Sylvia and Arlovski reigned supreme…

  • I'd like to see Josh Barnett vs Roy Nelson

  • I looked as well. Josh is not listed as one of the heavyweights on the roster. If you look at the lightweight roster, you will see KJ Noons listed and other lightweights making the move over from StrikeForce. You can search for Josh and find his profile because it most likely has not been deleted from the past (yet it has been updated). I suspect that the UFC doesn't delete profiles but buries them if they are not active with the organization. Should the fighter rejoin the organization, the profile can easily be linked again with the roster list instead of having to recreate it all over again.

  • So is Royce Gracie's.
    His nickname is still listed as his previous nickname of "Baby Face Assassion" as well.

    Just an old profile unfortunately.

  • I have a feeling they'll work past those differences. Barnett seemed slightly careful in his reply in the last Strikeforce show. I expect to see him coming to the UFC soon despite the past conflicts. We all know money heals Dana's wounds.

  • Dude in the photo looks more like Sean Sherk, the muscle jerk. Whatever happened to that boy?

  • I would say that it's more significant that his name failed to make the cross-over list of former StrikeForce fighters coming to The UFC, than it would be significant that his name and profile, now appear on The UFC's website.

    There could be lots of reasons why Barnett's profile shows up of UFC.com, but only one reason as-to-why his name wouldn't be on the cross-over list; Dana doesn't want him, because Dana doesn't like him, which is a shame, because he a decent fighter, tough guy and has a personality. I like the guy. As do many MMA / UFC fans.

    If indeed that is the case and he ends up in Bellator, all it will mean is that there is, yet, another decent fighter with name recognition fighting in the Bellator stable and doing so on FREE, non-PPV events on SPIKE. Score another one for Bellator if this proves to be the case.

    As with Rampage, I'll watch Barnett in Bellator, on SPIKE and for free. It's shaping up to be a great year for MMA and even better year, for Bellator. Keep adding those former UFC fighters, Bjorn. They have fans and those fans will follow them if to Bellator, if you're going to put it on TV for free. Undercut that Dana. $55 bucks for a buy, with no guarantee that the fights will be great or have an duration to them, is a little much. I'd buy all if not most @ $25. I, like most pick and choose PPVs' @ $50 – $55. For free we'd watch them all. Comparatively speaking, on a dollar-for-dollar basis, Bellator wins. The only time The UFC wins, will be fights like this Saturday, when they take-to-the-airwaves (themselves) for FREE. Bellator, however, will take their case before North American MMA fans for FREE, two days prior and do so, as their complete business model.

    Watch out Dana, Bellator and a growing array of your former fighters are in your rear view mirror and "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear".

    • Barnett could easily dominate Bellator's HW division.

  • Honestly, the UFC website does not show Josh Barnett's profile and this article seem's like they made it up. Can we get news from legitimate sources anymore? I would love this to be true but then you finish reading the whole article and then realize it's bogus. UFC would immediately announce something like that if it happened.