Joseph Benavidez: I only had to cut 4lbs to drop down to...

Joseph Benavidez: I only had to cut 4lbs to drop down to 125


UFC flyweight Joseph Benavidez speaks on his recent weight cut to 125 and reveals he only had to cut 4lbs to make weight for his last fight. Though the fighter has to be more professional about his diet, he still sneaks in In-N-Out burger from time to time.



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  • Benavidez will be The 125 champion in The UFC for a very long time soon… Joseph is just waiting for his next victim… Either The Mouse or McCall.

  • I think most people, including him, almost assume he will be the first 125 champ.

  • damn, what’s next, superfly weight? 13 year olds fighting at 110 pounds? I consider myself a small dude, and weigh 150 pounds.

  • Idk McCall really impressed with his UFC debut. I didnt think he was going to beat MM. (4th round likely would have went to McCall)

    But Benavidez still is a safe bet for 125 lb champion. But I think I will bet on McCall to win this

  • I take bigger dumps.

  • Benavidez is a beast!
    i mean the guy gave Cruz who is a big Bantamweight
    a run for his money he is the only fighter to ever come close
    to beat Cruz with him being a natural Flyweight

    he is even better than Faber skillwise
    he will for sure be the Flyweight Champion no doubt

  • I like uncle creepy as well, and I hope to see him win the belt. Jobiwan Kanobie though is as solid as they get.

  • yup, i really think mccall is going to be the champ, he has speed and good technique, but thats not to say joe wont become champ