Jon Jones: Alexander Gustafsson Is Better At Circling

Jon Jones: Alexander Gustafsson Is Better At Circling


UFC light-heavy weight champion Jon Jones sat down with FOX Sports 1 host and Jones’s last victim, Chael Sonnen, to discuss a number of different subjects, including his upcoming UFC 165 bout with Alexander Gustafsson.

The champ says of “The Mauler” that he’s a great fighter and one with many gifts, but at the same time he has some “big holes in his game” and that Jones and his team are looking forward to exploiting them in their bout.

However, when pushed to identify something that Gustafsson is better at than the champ, Jones matter-of-factly made note of the Mauler’s ability to circle and work angles. On this point, Jones believes Gustafsson is a “little bit better” than he is, but other than that he doesn’t see anything that the Mauler is better at.

Of particular note, Jones doesn’t believe that Gustafsson has great conditioning and as he’s never gone five rounds, Bones is looking forward to “putting him in those deep waters.”

Of course, nested within that answer is the assumption that Gustafsson will be able to make it into rounds four and five, or perhaps another way of putting it is that Jones won’t be able to finish Gustafsson within the first three. Regarding those remarks, one has to wonder if the champ is conceding a point, here and that is, that the fight is going to be more difficult than many are assuming.

Irrespective of how many rounds the fight goes, Jones appears to be his usual confident and relaxed self, and comes across a guy who hasn’t a care in the world. As such, he made lite with Sonnen on the subject of a re-match between himself and Chael, and in doing so commented:

“I really hope you don’t talk your way into another title fight, because I’ve actually lost a lot of sleep thinking about the possibility of being taking down by you and smothered, and all that stuff. So, please don’t. Just leave me alone, Chael.”

Beyond that, the two touched on the subject of Dan Henderson and Daniel Cormier.

Regarding Henderson, Jones doesn’t believe that fight (Jones / Henderson) will ever happen and that given how Henderson’s career is going, that it’s only likely to happen in a parking lot.

In terms of Cormier, Jones doesn’t believe that he should be handed a title shot and that he has to earn it. More specifically, Jones doesn’t believe that Cormier should replace Glover Teixeira as the next in line. The champ stated that there was a lot of flak when Sonnen was given an un-warranted title shot and he doesn’t think it would be “fair” for that to happen again. As Jones put it:

“No. A lot of people gave (flak) when you got an immediate title shot and I don’t think it would be fair for anyone to see it again. Daniel Cormier, I think the ultimate way to defeat him is to make him lose weight, earn a title shot and at the end of the day walk out without the belt.”

As a great number of fans also believe title shots should be earned and that fighters shouldn’t be able to hype themselves into championship bouts, there are apt to be many fans that will agree with Jones on the issue; that if Cormier wants the fight, then he should drop the weight and beat one or two fighters ranked above the five spot, or at least beat division bad boy Chael Sonnen and one top five fighter. If he did that, then fans would not only welcome a Jones / Cormier match they’d be calling for it. However, to simply hand Cormier a fight with Jones, particularly if it came at the expense of Glover Teixeira, might be regarded as illegitimate by many fans and evidence of furthering disregard for the rankings, and a fighter having to earn his shots.  

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  • Clinch_z_Demise

    mfs pis-sin me off with acting like Cormier is no good like damn the guy beat Josh Barnett and Frank Mir and he's useful to Cain Velasqeuz as a training partner so Jones shots would feel weak and he would outwrestle and outbox Jones Cormier would beat Jones handily and Im not even a Cormier fan that just seems like logic to me

    • Entity

      It'll look like Kareem Abdul Jabbar fighting Bruce Lee.

      • Cookie77

        And Bruce Lee won.

      • NoPrideinUFC

        Jones ain't losing to Gus or texeira but when he does falls he won't get up you know why? Because the one who never falls never learns to stand up

    • D

      Cormier beat Barnett and Mir in standup battles. He had a huge speed advantage against those guys. No way in hell he outboxes Jones. Jones is lightyears ahead of him in terms of striking technique, has a huge reach advantage, and is probably a little faster if anything. Not to mention Jones doesn't box with anyone. He's much more diverse than that.

      Now I'm not saying Cormier couldn't win the fight. He's a fantastic wrestler, and if he can take Jones down, it could be trouble for the champ. But getting inside Jones reach is something only Machida has been able to do…and Cormier is no Machida.

      Lets see Cormier fight a Rashad Evans, or another solid wrestler at 205 and see how he does when he doesn't have the speed/athleticism advantage.

  • Cookie77

    I think Bones is looking pass Gus. Never a good idea looking pass your current opponent.

    • mmauk

      No offense but if you have come to conclusion based on the fact Jon Jones come across as arrogant, cocky, over confident etc etc. I'd have to assume you haven't been watching MMA(Mixed Martial Arts) very long.


    Gus will learn Saturday night, we call that Night School…Bones put it on Chael so good, that the stalking wh*re gotta COME BACK for more, call that reincarnation. Uncle Thomas Cormier will eventually get his lard **** kicked sooner than later, call him a fat azz player hater.

    • mindkontrolle

      You are fvcking useless to this site, you know that —– playa?? LOL.


        If Bones lose this Saturday ill leave this site just for you.

  • gm1

    For some boneheads on this site…watch the video again… Notice its basically a Q&A session. Bones isnt talking about anything that Chael isnt asking.

    On the subject of Cormier…. that fight will ever happen…Cormier has never seen his own abs since he was a kid. I dont think he has the discipline to drop weight.
    Secondly, in order to out box someone, you need to get inside past the opponents reach. Cormier is definitely not quick enough to get inside to Jones.

  • TheRealDeal

    Saturday night everyone will be reminded of how good Jones is……. watch.