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Jon Jones vs. Glover Teixeira Targeted For Superbowl Weekend


Huge news for the UFC Light Heavyweight division has emerged today, as we learn that Glover Teixeira will get the next shot at Jon Jones. Many of us, Dana White included, were excited about and wanted a rematch between Jones and Alexander Gustafsson.

The two put on a FOTN, and possibly FOTY performance at UFC 165, that was very close fought. Gus had Jones hurt early, cutting the dominant champion and was unlucky (some might say) not to get the nod from the judges.

The news comes as a shock to some fans, but I bet it’s music to a certain Brazilian slugger’s ears. Gustafsson will likely be very disappointed with the news, especially considering it was Jones’ choice. Check out what Dana White said to ESPN.com on Wednesday:

“That’s what the champ wants,” White said. “We’ll probably have that fight on the Super Bowl card in New Jersey.”

DW also hinted that Gus would be in action around the same time in his home country of Sweden. Bones has been known to turn down fights before, but one of the (possibly) biggest matches of all time?

I smell chicken and it’s not fried. Jones, in my opinion, needs to rematch Gus; if only to prove that he is the very best in the division. UFC 165 didn’t do that for me, it showed that Gus is the man to beat him and Jones needs to come back stronger with a finish if he really wants to own the division.

I might be wrong, but it looks like Jones took a nasty beating and wants no more of The Mauler. I’ll keep you updated as more news comes in.

  • looks like someone is SCARED…

    • Scared of Gus. I hear ya

      • It's not UP TO Jones, so we can all just stop saying how scared he is?! Do you really honestly believe that Jones has a real say in this? That's just White playing it all up…. These fighters fight who the UFC TELLS THEM TO, and WHEN. Stop being so naïve (look it up).

        • Nonsense… Jones is one of UFC's biggest stars if he asks for Glover, he's most likely gonna get Glover! The rematch makes a lot more sense for the UFC to make and that's probably what they were looking to but they cant "force" Jones to fight a guy he just "beat". No matter how controversial. No name fighters that just get into the UFC, they don't have a voice but the big names sure do!

    • says the man who has never had a single UFC fight.

    • He just fought Gus 5 days ago, and now he is fighting a dude that gives KO's people like its a prize in a cereal box. I fail to see how he is scared.

      • Well it's simple…. with Glover he will have all his "regular" advantages. Mainly his reach advantage. Gus just showed us, Bones is like Samson with short hair without his reach advantage.

  • Either way, I just want to see Jones getting knocked out silly.

    I believe that Tex is the man to do this even though I wasn't too impressed with his last performance.

  • Zip

    Wow. I have never seen a fighter so openly express fear of another fighter before. Run Jon, run.

    • GSP didnt want to find johnny, but now he has to. All in due time Bones will fight gust again as a contender once Texiera beats bones, and gust takes the belt from texiera. My prediction YAY

    • Actually Gus was doing a fair bit of running if you care to watch the fight back.

  • Jones just needs a couple of convincing victories to rebuild his hurt ego.
    Gustafsson crushed his delusions of grandeur.

  • I always saw the b*tch in him but i never expected to see him in a skirt… how things chance!! smh… Boneless Fried Chicken is on the menu today guys!!

  • owww man….disappointed but, man just keep fighting Gus…If you're truely a LHW contender, then you'll be facing Jon again…I for one thing you won the fight, but hey, people see it differently, hope you win the next fight decisively. – signed georgie the porgie

    • @akieyugames, seriously, Gus will continue to win fights and match up again. They're both super young, I don't see why giving them the rematch bow is the right thing to do. If/when Jones will AGAIN how long til Gus can have another shot at the belt? Plenty of people who are more than just fans and think they know everything agreed Jones definitely won. Forget the judges, and fight metric a lot of UFC insiders all picked Jones winning, Glover sitting cage side picked Jones (I know he wanted Jones) but he was getting him either way after the decision so he could have said he thought he lost. Plus many fans had it for Jones. Gus isn't going g anywhere I don't see why they should play out this fight so quickly

  • Tough break for Gus… The LHC in my opinion! Somebody is ducking and is in straight denial. Oh well… Bones has found his match and then some I guess. I would not count Teixeira out whatsoever. Dude is heavy handed. Never now….

  • Happy for tex, but its very sad to be a swedish fan and read this.
    They are both really good fighters and good guys.

  • since when does ufc allow champs to pick and choose fights?

  • Jones haters are such soar losers, and they aren't even the ones who lost. The guy is without a doubt the best UFC LHW ever but much like Anderson now hes a scared pusy?
    They're both 26 and will definitely meet again, give GLover his shot now cause he's not getting any younger and this way the haters cant say he only lost cause Jones delayed fighting him till he was too old or some BS

  • This site is going downhill rapid. Full of teeny WWE fans who think a UFC champion is scared of fighting someone in their division. Sometimes fighters prefer to fight someone else but they are professional fighters. Whatever fear they may or may not have is the same whenever they get in the cage. Doesn't matter who they are fighting the adrenalin goes sky high and you're buzzing like bee that fell into Belfort's juice pot.

    he has fought him already so on what planet do these idiots think Jones is scared? If he was that scared he'd never have fought him in the first place. He says let him fight the next contender whoever that may be which is exactly what is happening. He didn't say he won't fight him again, if Gus wins his next fight or two and Jones is still champ they will for sure fight again. Jones won. Get over it. If he bugs you that much stop chewing on every little morsel he baits his hooks with.

    I suppose you think Ultimate warrior used to be truly scared of the Undertaker too!!

  • I think it is just surprising because if anyone ever deserved an immediate rematch it's Gus. I'm a Frankie Edgar fan, but the first Ben Henderson fight wasn't nearly as close as Jones-Gustafsson in my eyes, yet Frankie got an immediate rematch. Something's up.

  • jon jones scared? a guy who cleaned up the whole LHW division? are you fckin kidding me?everybody who thinks that this guy is really scared is an idiot.

  • So this is what Jones wants uh? Hmmm….. usually is whatever uncle Dana wants,pick and choose your battles Jonny Boy,Glover is no picnic either,my thinking is that you and Gus will meet again,you can run but you can't hide bud!

  • i think is the right move for the ufc, imagine if Jones vs Gus II that Jones takes another decision its over for Gus in the division i think putting teixeira first is the right move