Jon Jones Hopes Daniel Cormier Has A ‘Happy Pregnancy’

Jon Jones Hopes Daniel Cormier Has A ‘Happy Pregnancy’


UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones has been all over the media in the last 48 hours, as has his UFC 178 counter-part Daniel Cormier. With the two slated to fight it out for Jones’s 205-pound title in Las Vegas on September 27 (2014), the pair wound up making big news yesterday (August 4, 2014), when they came to blows atThe Brian Cox Story the card’s first promotional press conference. With his temper subsided, Jones has moved on to do additional media engagements, inclusive of a UFC press event in Los Angeles and an appearance on ESPN’s “Sports Nation.” At both instances Jones appeared to be relaxed, in good spirits, and a great deal calmer than he was the preceding day. However, that is not to say that he has moved on.  

At the “City of Angels” presser, Jones once again publicly apologized for his fisticuffs with Cormier, however, in doing so, Jones very much left the impression that he was proud or happy with the altercation having happened. Indeed, when he polled the attending audience, they too appeared pleased with Monday’s melee.

Jones in comment:   

“What happened, happened, and I want to apologize to all the fans at home that found that distasteful; it happened. Ya know, a lot of people frigin really, really, enjoyed it at well. Did you guys enjoy that? (Crowd responds positively) Sounds like you guys did. But to all those that found it distasteful, I want to sincerely apologize on behalf of myself and for you (Cormier) as well right? And that stuff is not the way to conduct ourselves, people could have got hurt. But everybody is healthy fortunately and we’re moving forward. We’ve got a big fight September 27 only on pay-per-view.”

In reading his comments, it is hard to see how Jones is truly remorseful for what transpired. To the contrary, his remarks would leave most believing that he enjoyed his MGM Grand encounter with Cormier and might even be proud of it. Regardless, the point appears not to be lost on anyone, and particularly not Jones, that the fracas will help sell more pay-per-view buys come the night of the fight.

Putting the Vegas brawl aside, Jones also appears to be on a mission to still get underneath Cormier’s skin. Evidence of such, would be his appearance on Sports Nations. On the show, Jones went out of his way to make reference to Cormier’s weight, commenting that he hoped that he had not hurt the pregnant Cormier’s “baby” during their “Sin City” altercation.

Considering it all, Jones vs. Cormier has the potential to be the greatest UFC fight of all time. If these two great fighters can show up in the Octagon on September 27 and deliver the same passion that they’ve been demonstrating from the get-go of their fight announcement, then their match should be off the MMA charts. 

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  • SpaceJam

    Daniel Cormier's response. "Ya big dummy" *throws his shoe at Jon* Then he storms off wearing his jean shorts, with his polo shirt tucked in, wearing sandals with socks…

    • dropkickmurphy

      He is threw his shoe, and yet storms off wearing sandals?

      • SpaceJam

        He is threw his shoe?

  • griffin

    jones is such a bitch. my hatred for his has grown more and more since he beat rua. hope DC smashes him and finally shuts him up

    • Dabs

      Yep, I think he was referring to DC's miscarriage with his wife. Jones is a real psychopath/sociopath.


  • ClosetCasey

    Hateocracy wants to jump Jones' bones.

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      Actually Closet, Space is first in line, always is. If all doesn't go well, Hate's got the rear. He's good that way.


    Always with the homosexual thoughts you two.

  • dropkickmurphy

    Just a thought..does Jon's wife still have to drive him to work? Or can one of the two prostitutes that he crashed his car with just give him a lift on their way to the corner?