Jon Jones Goes Off At Tyson Griffin On Twitter

Jon Jones Goes Off At Tyson Griffin On Twitter


UFC light-heavyweight champion and pound-for-pound kingpin, Jon Jones, really doesn’t like being told who he should and shouldn’t fight.

Former UFC lightweight Tyson Griffin knows this all to well. The 29-year old was barraged with direct messages from “Bones” after saying the champ should fight Daniel Cormier on Twitter. Griffin also said Jones was disrespectful for saying non of Cormier’s opponents were “top-level”.

Checkout what Griffin had to say below:

The champion, who is currently training to defend his world title against Glover Teixeira at UFC 172, surprisingly responded very quickly to the World Series Of Fighting featherweight, mocking him about his career before asking him if he wants a job as a “waterboy”.

Jones tried not to make his response public by sending direct messages back, but it didn’t work as Griffin quickly screenshot what the champ had to say and posted it on his Twitter account.

Take a look:

I don’t think Griffin, nor anyone else, will have been expecting that.

Griffin trains with Cormier at AKA and is also the Olympian’s nutritionist, so it’s not surprising that he wants his teammate to fight for the title.

As for Jones, who fights Teixeira on April 26, you really think he would try and conduct himself better, rather than getting into petty arguments with someone who weighs around 50 pounds less than the champion.

What do you make of Griffin and Jones’ Twitter battle?

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  • Ivy

    Jones needs to eat a slice of humble pie. I hope DC wrecks him.

    • NateDogg

      Should they fight each other, then DC is going to wreck him for sure!
      But other then DC i don't see anybody who could beat jones atm. So i hope they collide asap. Jones is way to cocky…

    • David Saucier

      lets keep in mind Griffen trains with DC at AKA, Griffen has no business flapping his gumbs about this issue, So now Jones isnt aloud to talk a little trash when someone with an agenda starts flapping their gums ah him. You guys take everything he does so seriously you are worse the paparazzi.

      • Evan Holober

        Agreed Dave.

        I've been a fan of Tyson for damn near ten years, but I don't see him "exposing" anything. He sent the tweets to obviously get a reaction, and he tried to play the martyr. The only reason Jones kept sending stuff was because he saw Tyson kept tweeting it.

        Also, which is it people want from Jones? He's called fake all the time, but this was the furthest thing from "fake". He could have easily just responed respectfully without meaning it it all.

        Lastly, lets give him some credit here: the "waterboy" and "grandkids" comments were gold.

  • TheXperience

    Mannnnn i can't wait for DC to put a whoopin' on that ass!

    • gm1

      Sounds like some of you are HOPING jones loses to dc. DC has not beaten any top level guy in LHW. Yeah, even at HW he only beat barnett who is not all that anymore. Mir is washed up and who in the heck is cummings…..

  • Bruce Lee

    Jones looks like he's just looking for his interests but that's all Griffin is doing too.

    Jones should not brush off DC but Griffin has no right to tell Jones what to do.

    They're both behaving like kids

    • David Saucier

      thank you MIke

    • falcon4917

      Agree Mike. I think it's obvious Griffin was looking for a little feedback to help get this deal going.

  • IGMBurninPiff

    It's kind of funny though because ALLLLL these fighters say take who ever they put there blah blah and it's because to them it'd be an opportunity they'll never have. All the people saying that aren't champions and never will be. Every champion in the UFC has complained about fighting someone at 1 time or another. Some a little more than others but there's plenty who complain about an opponent not earning it or not enough twitter followers lol

    • Bruce Lee

      Except GSP: "This next opponent is the best opponent I've ever faced and the number 1 contender – just like the last 10"

  • Entity

    No disrespect but who gives a fukc?….ok, maybe that's disrespect lol

  • clownshoes

    Jones is such an arrogant punk. He fashions himself as a respectful martial artist, yet with everything he says there are undertones of arrogance: "I want to say that DC losing weight is an inspiration. Sacrificing all of those meals…" etc., etc. The guy is such a phony.

    • falcon4917

      I am looking forward to the day Jones gets beaten but at the same time this seems a little bit like humor as much as tit for tat. Don't people ever give people a hard time anymore? Seems like both guys and DC included like to give a hard time to their competitors. Why do you think Griffin wanted in on the convo?

    • gm1

      Man, many of you guys dont hide the fact you dont like Jones whatsoever. Lets all jump on the DC wagon. Jones doesnt walk around claiming he is this and that..but you guys talk like he is a smack talker…

  • adobostreak

    i always had a benefit of a doubt that Jones wasn't a douchebag, but just misunderstood. looks like i was wrong. tyson just exposed him.

    i guess knowing deep down inside you really lost the last fight, pressure of GSP retiring and silva dethroned, things get to you.

    "go get some fans, Jon" -Greg Jackson

    • gm1

      If your going to have some lightweight talk crap to you… What are you going to say? Thats right…Tyson should just shut up and think about his own job…

    • gm1

      He has a million followers on twitter… What about you joker

  • kungfurule

    funny one abo. That quote was after he choked and dropped machida on the ground right?

  • master-pogi60

    I say Bones cut off your body from the knee downwards and fight tyson griffin,you still have a huge reach advantage.

  • NCapone

    DC fought 1 bum in the division and he deserves a title shot? How do you people not understand where Jones is coming from?.. It's irrelevant what he did at HW, if he wanted a title shot he should of stayed there and he was next in line..he decided to drop down and now he has to now earn that #1 contender spot just like anyone else would. Say this comment is weak. But it's the truth

    • gm1

      Truth is truth…..

  • Cookie77

    Here is another "out from left field" prediction.

    Glover by KO via a right hook to the temple round 3 with 2:27 mins left in the round…


    • grandslam

      that makes the two of us who believe that Glover will win. Cheers buddy.