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Jon Jones Eyes October Return for Gustafsson Bout


Although UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones was reportedly healing well from the gruesome toe injury suffered against Chael Sonnen and eying a late summer return, it appears that his doctors have recommended he slow down in his return. Because of this, Jones is looking to make his return to the Octagon this fall, namely October, for a bout with young contender Alexander Gustafsson.

Last night on “UFC Tonight,” Ariel Helwani said he spoke to a source in Jones’ camp and that is the plan:

“I spoke to a source in his camp and he told me that, well, Jon was hoping to return around the summertime, in the next couple months or so, but his doctor told him to slow his roll, that his toe he injured would not be ready. So now he is shooting for a return in October. He wants to fight Alexander Gustafsson, Gustafsson wants to fight him, he wishes this fight happened yesterday. That’s what he’s hoping for.”

Although the UFC 157 bout between Dan Henderson and Lyoto Machida was supposedly for a light heavyweight title shot, nothing seems to be set in stone for title shots. Dana White has recently been heard saying that it is tough to give Machida another title shot because Jones finished him so easily in their first fight. So, Machida drew Phil Davis later this summer, and Jones is waiting on the shelf until his mangled toe is fully healed.

Jones and Gustafsson had a highly publicized staredown when their paths crossed in Russia. Most MMA fans and media realize that the two are on a collision course, and that a bout between them is inevitable. It’s just a matter of when it will take place.

And when it does, Jones will be going for his record-setting sixth title defense at 205. Is Gustafsson the man to finally derail the dominant ‘Bones?’

  • "Dana White has recently been heard saying that it is tough to give Machida another title shot because Jones finished him so easily in their first fight."

    This right here was a B.S. statement from DW….. In my opinion Machida won the first round, got caught and choked out in the second. Cain got knocked the **** out by Dos Santos in 1min and 4sec of the first round. He only fought once and got a rematch. Dos Santos did not get finished in the rematch but Cain beat the **** out of him for 5 rounds… he wins 1 fight and gets a rematch now too. So how in the name of fuccc is it "tough" to give Machida a rematch? after 2 consecutive wins…. If Lyoto wins his next fight he better get a title shot, cause this **** is starting to get a lil ridiculous…..

    • It's pretty clear that regardless of how their fights went, Dos Santos and Cain are the top 2 heavy weights. Since losing to shogun a while back I haven't been able to put Machida as a clear #2 LHW so they want someone new to get a shot.

      • How could u ever know they are "still" the Top 2 HW, if they don't have to fight any of the other Top 10 fighters? Even though they ran through most of them. Who's to say, they could repeat that performance? Have you ever thought of the fact that they might just loose a rematch with one of the other top 10 fighters? I don't think it's fair. Top 3 or not. If you loose a title fight, you should work your way back up with a couple of BIG wins! I mean just look at Dos Santos he just earned another title shot by beating someone i considered BARELY in the Top 10 rankings. Other than that Cain TOTALLY beat the living sh*t out of Dos Santos the last time. It was not even close or one bit competitive! It was a one sided beating! So I don't think it's "clear" at all…. I don't think Dos Santos deserves the title shot just yet. It's more like a Hunt for a massive event with GREAT ratings and PPV numbers.

    • i think dana is giving Jones this fight cause he knows Jones will win while at the same time getting back his speed and recalibration in order, SO everyone wins. Dana keeps his marketable/cash cow fighter as champion & Jones gets to shake off the cagerust… oh i forgot to mention.. everyone wins except the fans.

  • Well played Gus…….Gets "boo boo" injury right before fight with Mousasi. Mousasi fight cancelled. Gets title shot anyway……..

    • Having said that, the Mauler is going to get Mauled.

  • I wouldn't bet the rusty 1997 nickel i found under my car seat against Jones in this fight.

  • I think that Machida's win over Henderson, while a win nonetheless, was deemed very lackluster and not good enough for Dana to give The Dragon another shot. He may have been looking for a reason to do so, because Machida's not a very big PPV draw.

    Right or wrong, Gustafsson/Jones is probably a more intriguing matchup in terms of selling buys. It's arguable that Gus is one of the few (very, very few) fighters that have a chance at dethroning Jones, but I still think he gets finished.

    Also, Jones may be waiting to find out the results of the AS/Weidman bout (GSP might be too, maybe) to schedule his next bout. If Silva wins, especially impressively, it's going to be very hard to deny the sheer amount of money that the UFC will most likely throw his way in order to get this bout set up.

  • i think gustafsson has a bigger chance, then most people think. besides machida, i see him the only one who could beat jones nowadays.

    • Dude, I wonder what makes you say that. To me its going to be a one-way-traffic and Gustafsson will be on the receiving end. The fight will last no more than 3 rounds even if we see the best Gustafsson EVER!

  • Have fun Gustafsson – If you think Shogun had a few nice takedowns and tough top game, have fun with Jon Jones. He's going to bring a level of pain you've never seen before.

    • Exactly.

    • Yeah Gustafsson will do alright in the striking, but as soon as jon takes him down it's game over.