Jon Jones: 2013 or 2014 "would be cool" for Heavyweight debut

Jon Jones: 2013 or 2014 "would be cool" for Heavyweight debut


With less than two weeks before his encounter with Dan Henderson, Jon Jones looks into the future.

Reigning UFC Light Heavyweight champion revealed in an interview on Fuel TV about his intentions to to move up in weight classes. According to Jones 2013 or 2014 “would be cool” for Heavyweight debut, with sights on repeating, and perhaps surpassing Randy Couture‘s historical achievement:


“I’ve put thought into it and, like I said, not to be cliché, but Dan Henderson is my main priority and focus, but I have a lot of years left in fighting. Coming up to heavyweight is something I’d like to do maybe in the next two or three years. 2013 or 2014; it would be cool.”

Jon Jones has a very difficult task ahead of him in Dan Henderson. Hendo is currently at the prime time of his Mixed Martial Arts career, with consecutive victories against Fedor Emelianenko, Feijao Cavalcante, Renato Sobral, and Mauricio Rua.

If victorious against Dan Henderson, Jon Jones will find himself in a rematch with Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida. Number two contender for the UFC Light Heavyweight title will be determined in the highly-promising encounter between Mauricio Rua and Alexander Gustafsson.

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  • Anwar

    Can he get any ****ier.
    This guy is talking about not fighting machida and going up to HW the same way he was claiming that he was the LHW champion even before fighting shogun. He completly looking past henderson. This kid needs a wake up call

  • HunterB

    i think numerous people at HW could beat Jon Jones… none the less if he does go up and stays unbeaten as champion, then good. It would be about time a dominant champ does this.


    If he moves up, hopefully he’ll vacate the LHW so it won’t be tied up. Unless his first fight is for the HW strap so we can see if he can be champ in two weight classes.

  • Razz J

    Anwar, I dont mean to be rude and i am by no means a fan of Jones but read the entire interview before you accuse Jones of looking past Henderson, he just said it would be a cool thing to do. Just like climbing mt. everest would be a cool thing to do, but not now. It was only a suggestion. And as for his arrogance, i agree with you he is a little ****y, but is it really arrogance if you can back it up time and time again?

  • saulgood

    Cigano, Overoid, Cain, Carwin, Mir would all destroy him now in 2-3 years it may be different though.

  • Bruce Lee

    I agree and I look forward to it however, who’s going to give it. I agree with Hunter, below, that it will be different in HW but in LHW even Machida (one of my fav’s) isn’t likely.

  • highkick12

    ya just like how he looked past shogun. And that turned out terrible for him didnt it….

  • Brasil

    Does he want to move to HW because he beleives he is that good or he knows he will not be able to cut in the near future?? What do you think?

  • Camelux3000

    I think it’s a little bit of both..
    As he matures, his body will have the tendency to put on weight in addition to the fact , that he will have demolished the entire light heavyweight division with ease(That includes Hendo)
    He must however manage to get in the range of 245- 250 pounds in the heavyweight division because the beasts who are lurking there, are f***** huge and ridiculously strong as well

  • KeithFarrell

    If he went up soon at his current size then the power that Cigano and Overeem bring would be far too much but if takes some time out and puts on a lot of size then it would be VERY interesting

  • KeithFarrell

    Hopefully he would vacate LHW, MW to LHW is a bit of a jump but LHW to HW is a huge difference. If he goes to HW he needs to pack on size and he wouldn’t be able to constantly lose that size to defend LHW.

  • Entity

    The main reason Jones gets so much crap is his maturity hasn’t reached his ability. Pretty much sums up the entire Jones debacle for you.

  • whitemare

    It would be cool cuz JDS wud make you go full retard

  • whitemare

    Also it is a bad bussiness move to have your Champion do super fights at different weight classes. Prob a bad example but look what happened to Joe Warren he will probably never be the same but thats more due to his lack of striking skills.
    Anyways who knows in two or three years maybe jones has cleared out everyone at 205 and in which case it wud be a better option

  • HunterB

    Jon Jones walks around at close to the weight that JDS fights at… It’s really not that big of a difference… when you have been dieting and maintaining the same weight for such a long time. When you stop you maintaining weight like he does, you are able to have insane muscle and weight gains.

  • KeithFarrell

    He walks around that weight but that isn’t his 100% in shape weight. Also that is just weight, Junior is built a lot thicker and more powerful build than Jon.
    Imagine Mark Hunt or Overeem’s kicks slamming into Jon’s legs? A couple and it would be almost over, Bones would need to build on to his frame with size and to just increase his weight figure.

  • ny2ut2id2nv

    If he keeps improving and smashing guys then I don’t think his maturity will ever catch up.

  •… just sayin…

    @DC: just go down to LHW and teach this prick some manners… PLEASE!

  •… just sayin…

    You forgot DC. Hopefully he’ll do the do in LHW though, push this fool off his high horse… smh.

  • ksooner76

    why isnt this guy talking about fight Silva after all the chit with Rashad and its just a sport if I have to fight Rashad thats what I do ..and NOW
    Silva says hey be my friend and we dont have to fight…but Silva has no problem fighting GSP who is WAY!!!!! smaller no where near the arm length and 5’9 vs. 6′? im mean thats what makes you respect GSP says if he wins he is looking for Silva in super fight he would huge under dog the weight he puts on will compromise his speed and ect…Silva/Jones same size think both are bytch made..not what u want out of a champ most champs welcome the challenge these to are hoping on easy fights who are they to say that other fighter are not good enough a true champ doesnt ask questions just bring it

  • IChokePeople

    Dude, GSP is 5′ 10″ and only gives up an inch and a half in reach. That makes him about the same size as the guys Anderson is fighting in MW with better reach than most of them. Bones on the other hand has a half foot reach advantage on Silva. Personally I would like to see both of those fights happen and would pick Silva to win both via TKO. If you have a problem with either of these fights or Silva then at least formulate an argument based on facts.

  • TheMMAfan

    talent isnt the one thing that seperates jon jones from many others… he is talented, but his skill technique wise isnt as good as alot of fighters in certain areas, more over his ability to combined well rounded skill, (nothing amazing in particular) with a ridiculous height reach advantage.. it makes it dealing with his creative style almost impossible. If he goes up a weight class and fights guys his size, when true skill shines guys like overeem and jds would put him to sleep imo. Stick to lightheavyweight young king

  • IChokePeople

    Yup, facts are weak. Are you guys republicans or something?

  • TheRealDeal

    Jones does often come across as completely arrogant, but he’s got the victories over the biggest names at LHW to back it up. As long as that continues I see no reason to question his logic.

    As opposed to Mr. Sonnen who babbles continuously about being the greatest fighter in the world, but he’s yet to hold a UFC belt and has basically a .500 record in the UFC.

  • Entity