Jon Fitch and MMA ‘fans’.

Jon Fitch and MMA ‘fans’.


What can I say about Jon Fitch that hasn’t already been said by his UFC career and record?

Dominant. Relentless. Determined. Resilent. Skilled. Tough. Dull.

Since entering the octagon in 2005, Jon Fitch has broken the will and battered his opposition to the point where numbers simply cannot lie or be ignored. In 15 UFC sanctioned bouts, Jon Fitch has compiled a record involving 13 wins, one loss and one draw. At one point, Fitch was on a 8-fight win streak spanning three years (not including the fights outside the UFC where he had been just a dominant with 8 more wins and one draw – making the last time he tasted defeat since 2002).

Jon Fitch was relunctly finally given a title shot in 2008, and at UFC 87 Fitch met Georges St-Pierre. Although Fitch was overwhelmed by the welterweight champion, Jon refused to give in and continued to fight until the final bell was sound. His amazing win streak had come to an end. Since then, Jon Fitch has been patiently waiting for his rematch. An opportunity that may be delayed for another year or so… or if ever.

While Fitch has manhandled most the welterweight division and made the case that he is the #2 welterweight in the world, fans and management could care less of what happens to Jon Fitchs’ title shot. Why? Because of the word highlighted above. He is dull. A word that many fans describe his style of fighting. Now, is it true? Is Fitch boring and unmarketable? At some point, yes. But what I cannot fathom is the severe disrespect that so called MMA fans and purists produce whenever an event where Fitch was featured.

I can understand the banter involving his strategy to win a fight but if the fighter cannot be stopped from what he does best, then who are we to judge? Fitch has beaten the likes of Thiago Alves (twice), Diego Sanchez, Paulo Thiago, Mike Pierce, etc. And not one has been able to stop his takedowns and gameplan. His signature win would have to the rematch between him and Thiago Alves. The Pitbull is said to have the best striking and takedown defense in the division and in three rounds Jon Fitch took him down with ease – kept him there and controlled the entire fight. Now I will say that Alves could have been depleted from an incredible amount of weight that was shed but nevertheless Fitch dominated once again.

As a fan of the sport and combat tactics and as a martial artist, I am always impressed by Jon Fitchs’ tenacity and will to get his opponent to fight his fight by force, and not the other way around. I guess I am one of the few in the world to appreciate what Fitch is able to do with a lot of hard work. Afterall, martial arts isn’t found in flying knees or chokes or knock outs, but in finding a way to win or defend by any means necessary. And Jon Fitchs’ War of Attrition is that of what Miyamoto Musashi and Bruce Lee spoke about.

  • well written, uneducated mma fans generally want to see knockouts and are quick to disrespect fighters

  • good post. MMA is a sport showing variety of fighting styles. while Jon’s style may not be people’s favorite – but you cannot deny and appreciate how skillful he is. people nowadays just want everything fast and flashy … they don’t know how to appreciate a slow, strategical fight.

  • really nice article

  • This was my first article and I somewhat rushed it (which resulted in a few grammer errors) because my boss was hovering over me.

  • I agree, it’s completely uncalled for. I understand the sport is growing in popularity and going mainstream – bringing in newbie fans don’t understand the sport, but there’s no excuse for those who have been around and hate instead of appreciating certain styles.

  • Exactly, while flashy is nice, that is not the roots of martial arts. Martial arts is based in deception and strategy.

    It is a shame that people can’t enjoy a fight of this intellectual caliber. Some label it as ‘human ****fighting’ but I tend to view it as a life-size chess game.

  • Yeah, the difference is that he never shows the will to try to finish a fight. Dana has said it himself. He had the opportunity to finish Penn but, never took it. It’s that kind of style that cost him the fight last night.

  • That’s your opinion.

    But if a prideful fighter like BJ Penn can admit defeat then, in some form, Jon Fitch did win. Maybe Fitch isn’t a strong finisher but he still manages to wear down every opponent to the point of breaking and spiritual submission.

  • agreed.

    people never criticize his opponents, but why not? why don’t they stop his takedowns or finish him? no one has been able to in the ufc or since he truly started training mma for that matter.

    this draw was the best thing that could’ve happened. no loss, but he still learns a lesson and will hopefully become even more well rounded, develop plans b and c and not get taken down or give up his back so easily.

    i don’t like the comments that “bj a 155er beat fitch”
    bj will beat anyone else at ww.
    these are the #2 and 3 guys out there.
    if bj can take fitch down, why couldn’t he do the same to alves, hardy, etc.
    no one’s done to jon what bj and gsp have done. likewise, no one has done to bj what gsp and hughes have done.

  • It’s just plain BS or bias to explain why people can call fitch boring but its sooooooo exciting when GSP takes down the fight and keeps it there, and it’s equally as predictable as fitch.

    What’s the difference? Why is it sooo awesome when GSP does it but so horrible for anyone else?

  • I feel this article explains Fitch to a tee and I am still a fan. He’s my boring hero. I do see him try for finishes but he waits too late after he feels his opponent is gassed. He is born to fight 5 rounders and the three rounders are not giving him the time his style requires to finish a fight.

  • Jon Fitch doesn’t finish, but so doesn’t GSP, but the difference between the two that makes people love GSP and not so much Fitch, is that GSP tries to finish, and not Fitch. Fitch drags people down, sits on them, and throws little punches and doesn’t let them breathe. He does an amazing job at it, but never tries to advance his position, that’s what bothers people. But i have to agree that a win is a win and he’s very very hard to beat, let alone to finish.

  • John Fitch admitted he was surprised by BJ’s wrestling, and took some time to adjust, but by the third round, Fitch was on top of BJ pounding the piss out of him.

    Those weren’t pillow punches or pitty-pats–but hard, and relentless strikes. The only reason it might not have been exciting is because the third round was so one-sided.

    I have no doubt that in a 5 round fight, BJ would have been finished because he was gassed in the 3rd, the 4th and 5th would have been even worse. BJ knew he was beaten, and only garnered the draw due to the unusual nature of the 10 point must system which divides a fight into 3 equal parts.

    As I have said elsewhere, I give kudos to BJ for what he did against one of the most dominant and consistent wrestlers in the UFC–and I hope he keeps his wrestling skills in his arsenal.

    That said, John Fitch knew this was a turning point fight, and he failed to win decisively.

  • i appreiciate his talant and hard work but he is still boring as f*ck to watch

  • theres alot of fitch haters out there hah