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Johny Hendricks Talks Carlos Condit And Tyron Woodley, Dismisses Nick Diaz Title Talk


Johny Hendricks is set to face the resurging Robbie Lawler at UFC 171, for the welterweight championship left vacant by estranged marquee fighter Georges St-Pierre. The March 15 event will also feature a very interesting match up between Carlos Condit and Tyron Woodley.

Woodley has proven to be a formidable force since joining the UFC in 2013; scoring knockout wins over Josh Koscheck and Jay Heiron during his tenure. ‘The Natural Born Killer’ has been hovering at the top of the stacked division for a very long time, and will look to solidify his position as number one contender with a win over ‘The Chosen One’.

Hendricks stopped by with MMAJunkie.com, to discuss the fight between Condit and Woodley at 171:

“If I win this fight, it’s going to be between one of them two, Carlos is always a tough opponent; same thing with Woodley,” Hendricks said. “Those two, they’re fighting the same night. But a fight’s a fight. You never know what’s going to happen. You just have to say whoever wants to come after you, let them come at you, and you move forward from that.”

‘Bigg Rigg’ faces a tough enough challenge as he squares off against KO artist Robbie Lawler next Saturday, but the challenges will only get bigger should he win. The 170-pound division has long been talked of as the most talent deep in the promotion.

One such talent that has been calling for yet another title shot is Nick Diaz, although Hendricks has his own opinion on the ‘Stockton Bad Boy’:

“Realistically, I think he needs to fight a couple of times. What is he, 0-2 in his last few fights? It is what it is, but if the UFC said, ‘Hey Johny, you’ve got to fight him,’ well guess what? I’m not going to say no.”

“His stock is always high,” Hendricks said of the retired fighter. “He’s a great fighter, but if he beats up one or two people, then yeah. He’s earned it.”

Diaz, in my eyes, is not the rightful contender to the shot, although that didn’t stop the UFC pairing him with Georges St-Pierre back when Hendricks was the number one contender. I think that Dana White may have learned his lesson from that faux pas, but you never know.

It seems much more likely that the winner of the title at 171 will square off against the winner of Condit vs. Woodley. That being said, combat sports are very unpredictable in every sense. We’ll know a lot more after UFC 171 goes down, that’s for sure.

  • Respectful comments from Hendricks.

  • Thank you Johny!! Words from the man himself! Nick does not deserve another title shot right now! Plain and simple! Out of his last two losses, one was to GSP, and that was a CHAMPIONSHIP FIGHT. He lost! Nick Daiz's punk ass does not deserve another shot until he has earned it like the rest of the division. I don't care what your opinion is on him, he doesn't. Woodley and Condit have worked hard to get to where they are

  • I hate Diaz don't think he deserves to be anywhere near the belt. He's done nothing to prove he's UFC champion material. He's always a big draw and fan favorite which I guess gets him somewhere in the conversation. Under no circumstance can they justify giving him a title shot if this is a sport and not just a fan show. Make him fight a number 1 contender fight… Condit vs Woodley if Condit wins he's obviously up next leaving Diaz to fight the winner of shields vs Lombard he won't fight Shields but since Lombard is going to win that won't be a problem. Diaz vs Lombard for a number 1 contender fight… meaning Diaz never sees a title fight again.

    • Diaz might get humped but not KO'd, regardless of how you feel about him.

  • Nick lost to GSP. He barely lost to Condit. Condit beat Hendricks but the judges were blind to his ground control of Hendricks. Diaz def is good but he doesn't deserve it. Hendricks will be beat by Condit maybe Lombard. Give silva a tune up fight throw him Diaz.

    • I'd like to see Silva vs Diaz personally.