UFC welterweight contender Johny Hendricks has sustained a second degree burn to his back and shoulders, while filming a commercial for November 16th’s upcoming UFC 167 card.

Before fans go pushing any panic buttons, apparently Johny is okay and the net result of the event is that “Bigg Rigg” (only) missed two days of training and only required a prescription ointment to help with the healing. As such, Hendricks was fully mended within a week.

As the incident happened last month and Johny is fully healed now, the mishap should play no role in his welterweight title shot with division champion, Georges St. Pierre.

As to how it happened, apparently the lights that were being used for the shoot were too close to Bigg Rigg’s back, and as such, he sustained the burns.

At looking at the picture of his back, one has to wonder just how close the lights actually were and did not someone notice or Johny feel, that they were burning him.

Either way, it looks like fans may have dodged a bullet on this one, even if it was a minor one, and that next time the UFC does a shoot like this, they’ll endeavour to make sure the fighters aren’t being burned by the lights.

Picture of Bigg Rigg’s back courtesy of his manager, Ted Ehrhardt