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Johny Hendricks still “in shock” over GSP vs. Diaz


Previous number one contender for the UFC Welterweight title, Johny Hendricks, spoke about the recent turn of events in the division, such as Dana White’s announcement of GSP vs. Diaz in 2013. Hendricks is currently on impressive streak of convincing victories inside the Octagon, with sights on challenging Georges St. Pierre’s UFC Welterweight title. However, looks like “Big Rig”  will have to wait, or fight once again to prove his worth as the true number one contender. Speaking via MMAWeekly.com, Hendricks declared he’s still shocked by the UFC’s decision to give Nick Diaz a title shot against Georges St. Pierre.

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  • hendricks is the true 1# contender

    nick diaz doesnt even have a license to fight yet .

    stop dodging silva!

    • Have you ever considered a BRAIN TRANSPLANT?

      • That would be an insult to the DOA's brain, to even consider being put in to 1moreRounds idiotic head.

    • Its time to move on, onemoreround, Silva needs to be fighting someone else. As for Hendricks, he may be the #1 contender, but Im more interested in Diaz/Georges at this moment.

      • Probably should stop ducking Jones.

      • So true but how is Hendricks the #1 contender when he has only fought top 20 guys.Lets see him grind a win over a top 5 guy for once

        • top 20? fitch was considered number 2!! and KOS its a top 5 opponent… crazy talking

          • OK but the fight vs KOS was hard for him ( I even think that he should have lost ) , fighting GSP would be harder.
            In my opinion his only boxing skill is a powerfull hook that will never land on GSP : remember how St Pierre fought Kos -> Straight boxing vs circle boxing.

    • @ onemoreroundofbeer, if Hendricks is so good let him fight Silva.

      Hendricks is so "shocked" because he set himself up with comments like "I'll never fight again if they don't give me GSP". Take another fight Johnny and if you are good enough to win you'll be next.

      Onemoreround, have another round.

      • Am i the only one who actually wants the UFC to operate like a legitimate sport where the most deserving guy gets the shot?


    • Silva will kill GSP with a 1st round KO and then Retire.GSP vs Silva in my mind is the dumbest thing I have heard and I don't wanna see GSP get beat into retirement because emotionally I don't think he could come back from that one.

    • peoplejust like to rag on hendricks in about a year when he knocks diaz and gsp these same people will be on his nuts

    • I kind of agree. MMA has turned into a show and not a sport. There should be a set path to the title. You have Chael coming of losing at 185 to getting a 205 title shot?! Madness. Then you have Nick coming of a loss and a ban getting a title shot?! Further madness. The belt gets devalued if people get to jump the line based on popularity. The UFC is a very open, yet shallow entity….

    • DODGING??……stop type dumb shit…..
      Daiz talked tons of shit disrespected so many ways
      was a huge douce bag and when HENDRICKS is champ im sure he
      will have a fighter or to he wants revenge on ,…. Daiz doesnt deserve
      the fight but GSP wants to kick the shit out of him and if the champ wants
      to fight a guy he should be able to fight'em but Hendricks is true #1 contender
      its not the hope he beats Daiz has to fight Hendricks next,..Silva to defend his belt then Jones should be done with his drama same time GSP would be fighting
      Hendricks and Silva vs. Jones,….GSP vs, Hendricks,,make it at Dallas stadium
      and if GSP and Silva win set up the great super fight…..but back to Hendricks
      sucks for the guy has beat ALL top contenders kicking ass and Daiz not fighting anyone in……………..???…….since who …BJ was on his way out..??????
      and he lost to Condit for the right to fight for the belt but he gets it anyway…who is Johnny going to fight

    • for GSP its a great fight cause Hendricks would be a scarier fight for him way more dangerous, plus gets his revenge

  • Thiago Silva was just suspended for smoking weed, does this means he's fighting Bones next?

    • Now onemoreround was busted for smoking weed and now HE has to fight GSP

      • That'll be the biggest grudge match ever.

    • Hey but wait a minute… Thiago Silva sucks… so who cares about that false comparison? ^^

      • BTW I was a big Thiago Silva fan, back in the days when he wasn't cheating. Or at least when he was trying to hide it.

    • if I got beat by a stoner I would train harder because weed isn't an enhancer by any means

  • Get over it Hendricks.

    It doesn't matter if they put another chump (or two) in front of you before you get your title shot… if you're as good as Dolce says you are, you'll be champ in no time.

  • Johnny Hendricks is boring and GSP would just jab him to death like he did Koscheck but probably worse.Make Hendricks fight someone really well rounded like Carlos Condit for instance.

    • Hendricks vs Condit would be a great fight!

    • I guess Kampmann isn't well rounded enough is he?!

  • Johnny should be up there as a title contender, but with all the stuff he'd been saying, I hope he's just trying to hype himself and not falling for how own PR.

  • Dana, like a dentist, should keep a bowl of lollipops outside his office door for moments such as these.

    The way I look at it, Hendricks is only being pushed down the ladder one rung. He is not being pushed off of it. He said he wouldn't take another fight until he got the fight with GSP. OK, don't. Condit didn't. Of course Condit had to wait for GSP to heal-up from injury. All Hendricks has to do is wait for the GSP / Diaz fight to go off, probably in February / March (Nick should be training, now and be prepared to fight when the suspension is lifted) and then Hendricks can have GSP on July 4th weekend. The real time difference is only about 4 months.

    If Hendricks has any brains, he'll shut up, wait out the clock and Dana and say I understand and support the decision. Whining about the decision is not going to change the decision. Complaining about the decision is not going to make the time go faster. It also, fails to take into consideration the following – the scratch due to injury or positive drug test. If Diaz were to get injured or fail a drug test, who do you think they're going to call Johnny? It would be virtually impossible for GSP to turn down that fight, should Nick scratch. Likewise, should GSP scratch due to an injury, who do you think they'd call to replace him and fight Diaz? Hendricks.

    This is big business Johnny. They spend a lot of money, effort and time building to these types of fights. GSP / Diaz is a fight the fans want to see. It's the first time, maybe ever, when I think we can safely say that The Champ is pissed. He wants Diaz and his coach for personal reasons. Concordantly, the fans and the boss want to see and make that fight happen.

    Does Nick deserve the fight? In the eyes of The Champ he does. That's pretty much all that matters. To defend it intellectually, one could make the argument that Nick lost a controversial split-decision, was considered by many to have won and that GSP is simply ending all doubts as to the outcome of that fight. Condit / Diaz, either or, doesn't matter, would have beaten them both and for the first (real) time in his life, this is personal. Not business. Based on that, I and most fans, will have no problem rationalizing the correctness and validity of this match.

    In terms of Johnny taking a fight, I would say no. I think he should wait and even if he did elect to take a fight (on the same card as GSP / Diaz) then what fight could he be given? IMO the only person deserving of a fight with Hendricks would be MacDonald, should Rory win tonight. Other than that I see no one deserving.

    Be smart Johnny. Play nice, live with the decision, have the boss owe you one (sort of) and don't piss off potential fans by being a cry-baby and whining about something that is now written in stone. It's going to happen. This is one of those moments where you smile and say thank you, Dana.

  • The moment I heard Firaz Zahabi pumping up Diaz as then next contender, I knew that would be the next fight.

    I get a kick out of those fans who say GSP is 'ducking' Hendricks to take the easier fight with Nick Diaz. Not so long ago they were saying GSP was ducking Diaz in favor of Condit. GSP ducks no legitimate contender for the WW belt. Is the Diaz fight 'easier' than the Handricks fight for GSP? I honestly can't say, since both fighters bring different skillsets to the table.

    It is true that Hendricks has a bomb in his left hand, but somehow Koscheck avoided it for three rounds and lost only to a split decision. If GSP can avoid the flash KO, then Hendricks chances don't look so good. GSP has better technical striking than Hendricks–and GSP's MMA wrestling has been proven in the UFC more the Hendricks has, despite his college credentials.

    Nick Diaz may not have the KO power or TD defense that Hendricks has, but Diaz has better boxing and better BJJ, and a very tough chin.

    So I don't see either fight being 'easier', but only a different set of challenges for the champ. Both fighters are capable of beating GSP, and both are in the top five WW's available for a title shot–and that is all that matters.

    I am growing to dislike Hendricks whining and sense of entitlement–you know what I am saying?

  • I totally agree with you… just fight a few more fights and keep winning and you'll get you're chance already. Sheesh. This guy at my job (who is dating the boss's ugly daughter) got a promotion he didn't deserve. Several of us knew it was BS, so maybe we should tell everyone about it on social networking sites and then tell the boss that we're staying home and waiting until we get promoted, LMAO. Also, let's be real, Dana is a hell of a business man and he knows that the UFC will make more money watching Nick fight GSP than Hendricks. Damn, even Clubber Lang was being ducked by Rocky's management and eventually the truth came out, ha ha ha. It's funny how this all has become a dramatic soap opera. It'll happen, so just focus on doing all the right things and be patient.