Johny Hendricks Plans To Use His Right Hand To KO Georges St....

Johny Hendricks Plans To Use His Right Hand To KO Georges St. Pierre


The fight is quickly approaching and Johny Hendricks’s pre-fight beard is well on its way to full bloom, for his much anticipated title shot against welterweight champion George St. Pierre, at UFC 167.

November 16th is the day set and the venue is the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. On that night, “Bigg Rigg” will be looking to take his formidable wrestling and KO power into the Octagon, in an effort to rest the belt from the most dominate 170 pound champion in UFC history.

His challenge that night will be to use the same skills that the champion has seen and resoundingly defeated, before and hope that his use of wrestling and power punches proves better than that of Josh Koscheck or Jon Fitch   

The biggest threat that Hendricks brings to the fight is his big left. He is renowned for it. It has dramatically dropped, in highlight reel fashion, the likes of Martin Kampmann and Jon Fitch. The punch Johny’s stock and trade in terms of fight strategy.

However, Bigg Rigg isn’t satisfied with just having a power left and has been in quest of adding a power right to his arsenal, as well. In his upcoming bout with GSP, its Hendricks’s intent to demonstrate that the quest is over, and that he’s found the object of his desires. To that end, Johny’s goal is to KO the champ with that right.

In speaking with FightHub TV, Bigg Rigg put it this way:“I can lay you out with both hands. Ya know what I mean? Everybody thinks that my left hand is the hand that’s going to do it. My goal is to put it away and knock him out with my right…that’s what it’s about, is letting the world know I can do it with both.”  

If Hendricks has developed not only KO power in his right hand, but more importantly, the ability to deliver it effectively in a fight, then this could prove a very valuable and possibly decisive weapon for the challenger.

As most would figure, if Rush is going to stand and trade with Bigg Rigg, then he’s probably going to be circling away from Johny’s left. If so and Hendricks has developed power in his right, then it means GSP could be circling into the line of fire of Johny’s (new) heavy right. As such, that could prove to be a dangerous place for the champ to find himself in.

No matter what happens in this fight one thing is most certainly true of it going in, and that is this, Hendricks is convinced that he can out wrestle and out power the champ on his way to a KO victory. He is the very definition of confidence on the subject.

However, in terms of his confidence in his right to do the job, fans will recall that Johny made similar statements about his Jiu Jitsu prior to his last fight and bout with Carlos Condit. In lead up to that match, Bigg Rigg stated that his BJJ was (now) on a par with or better than, his powerful left hand. Yet, as the case proved out, Hendricks had nothing for Condit in the way of submissions offense during that bout and spent all of his time in top position fending off Condit’s (off his back) submission attempts.

In considering it, however, where it was unreasonable to believe that Hendricks had developed an imposing BJJ game prior to his fight with Condit, it is reasonable, however, to believe that he has developed power in his right and the means to deliver it in the fight.

Regardless though, Hendricks, with or without KO power in his right hand, still stands as a tough challenge and a serious threat to the champion, and one that he’ll need to be cautious of and prepared for.     

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  • DeeJaySlyTee

    Hendricks via KO.

  • Entity

    Good article Brian…though with response to the title…we'll call Hendricks "Captain Obvious" lol

  • enjoylife321

    GSp wins this fight everyday of the week. That's all I have heard is Johnny Hendricks left hand. Gsp has faced big hitters before. Koscheck had a heavy overhand but endedup with a broken orbital

  • chael4president1

    Agreed. GSP should win this fight every time, unless he gets KO'd by a lucky shot. If you watch GSP's fight with Condit, and the Hendricks fight with Condit. Hendricks came nowhere close to the success GSP had. I still think Condit beat Hendricks because he did more damage, and was landing elbows from the bottom. In addition to the strikes while standing up. I think it was another example of MMA scoring being flawed. On the ground Condit was the only one landing shots. GSP is just too good for Hendricks.

    • chael4president1

      And I know my previous comment is using mma math. But I think it's as good of a comparison as we can find. Considering Condit fought Hendricks not that long after fighting for the title. Surely Condit was improved in the Hendricks fight but one can only improve so much in a short time. Either way, George truly dominated most of the fight. And I believe Hendricks won't be much more effective than Koschek was.

      • Entity

        Thats funny C4P. I decided to get my MMA mathbook too and it says Hendricks didnt convincingly beat Koscheck either, and we saw what GSP did to him lol.

        • Brian Cox

          Stewie, both times. He out wrestled KOS in the first and beat him up on the feet in the second.

          The thing that I want to see in this fight is not whether or not Hendricks has a big (new) right, but what GSP says he's "been working on". That's what's tweaking my interest. It's something he says he should have been working on his entire life.

          More than a win, I'd love to see GSP stop Hendricks and I don't care how.

          The one thing I know Rush won't do, is do what Silva did to Weidman. He won't clown around and take Hendricks lightly. I am looking forward, very much, to this bout.


          • Entity

            Maybe GSP has seen our replies about submitting people 8))

    • Brian Cox

      Chael, Bas Rutten agreed with your assessment of the fight. He thought Condit won the bout.

      Hendricks scored takedowns to avoid the knees he was taking and in doing so, had no offense, and did all that he could to avoid being submitted.

      I think had the fight gone five rounds Condit would have won by submission or TKO; Hendricks had nothing for CC except wrestling.

  • fightgame

    He'd better plan to use his third hand to knock out GSP. :)

  • falcon4917

    Don't think he will find GSP, I don't think GSP will do much damage to him but will likely point the crap out of him. I am not much of a GSP fan but I think if this goes into R4 or R5 GSP could finish him by exhaustion.